Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Big Zero (aka The Athletic Supporter)" free monologue for teen or adult actor (1 male solo script / scene / skit)

"Big Zero (The Athletic Supporter)" Monologue

Someone runs out in local team colors and a big "O" painted on his chest (or stomach).  A sports jersey with a big O can work as well.  He can have one of those giant foam hands that he waves around. He is excited and screams as he runs on the stage:


Go team! Yeah!!!!!

(He calms down and smiles at the audience)

Was that good?  I'm practicing for the big game.

(He looks at his O on his chest)

No, I'm not a zero. I am the 0 in go team. Maybe I am a zero to some people.

But this is my life. This is something that matters to me.  Matters to me more than most anything. You know why?

Unlike most things, there is a clear start and finish.

There are heroes and villains. Winners and losers. There's no pretenders or double agents or false friends. The uniforms make it clear and simple.  We know who to root for and who to trust.

If only life were this simple... This easy... good and bad... Right and wrong.

What if war could be settled with a game?

All the world problems - solved on a Sunday.

Once a year we can have China vs USA... India vs Pakistan... Winner gets what they want for a year.

No more bombs and no more guns... Just helmets and balls.  It sure would be a lot better than what happens now.  Because everyone who fights a war is just a big zero.

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