Sunday, January 26, 2014

English as a Second Language - Fun scripts for ESL lessons and learning

Here are some short scripts that you can use in your ESL (English as a Second Language) lessons with older students and adults that have been used by other teachers. These three scripts introduce students to a variety of American slang and engages students with humor. And having students read a script breaks up the reading burden throughout the group. Stronger readers can be given bigger parts and readers who struggle can have small parts where they feel successful.

"Touched by an Alien"

On the surface the script is humorous. But it has added topics for discussion such as conquering other races and the prejudice against people who are different.

"Rock! Sword! Firecracker!"

This script has a lot of flexibility for cast size and students can act out the Master's story. This can teach students to listen for directions from the Master and act out what is being said.

And here is one more script that is a simple physical comedy that can be fun to act out as well:


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