Sunday, May 11, 2014

Father's Day Improv - fun idea to entertain dad on his special day

Father's Day Improv

Need an awesome fun gift idea for dad that doesn't cost anything? Give the gift of Acting this Father's Day. Do an improv theatre game show for your dad on Father's Day.

Documentary or Slide Show: A leader pretends to be a narrator of a documentary and the actors must act out the documentary the leader describes. They story is the story of your dad. The story can be over the top telling all the amazing things your father has done for his children (try to base it on real things he has done for his kids but make it as dramatic and amazing as possible). Or you can do the history of fathers and go back in time to describe how father's started or even how father's day started. Perform it as a slideshow/powerpoint with still picture poses or actually act out what is being narrated.
Stunt Doubles: 2 Actors play two people from the other team. They can't do anything right or they are scared to do simple tasks such as throw a ball so they call in members of your team to help and show they how to do it. When it comes time to do a "dangerous" step (such as tying their shoes) they call in their stunt doubles. The easier the "dangerous" task is, the funnier it can be (such as picking up a gum wrapper). Fun scenarios for Father's Day could be doing a bbq, fixing the car or taking care of a baby (changing diapers definitely needs a stunt double).
Helping Hands: Have three actors. One person plays the father. The other person plays the child. Another person plays the arms of the father. The father must make a meal for the child. If you want to do it again, reverse the roles and have the father try to teach the play different sports (the child has another person play their arms).
Lines from our Pockets: The audience will write lines for the actors to say. Someone will collect the lines and not show them to the actors. The actors will act out a Father's Day scene and then they must work the lines into the scene. You can have two actors play children who are trying to figure out what to do for their dad on Father's Day.
Here Comes Jack and Jill: Two actors play Jack and Jill who are off stage. Jack and Jill are two really badly behaved kids. Two fathers describe the terrible things Jack and Jill do while he/she is off stage. Jack and Jill enter and they have to act like described.
Stand Sit Slump: Three players are preparing a Father's Day picnic. One must be standing, one must be sitting and one must slump down on the ground. After each actor says one thing, the last actor to speak must pick a new position (stand) and the others must adjust and pick the two remaining positions (sit and slump). This can continue until a high moment of humor or until one actor messes up.
Three actors play The Good Father, the Bad Father, and the Ugly Father: The audience provides questions or problems for which they need advice from Dad. Actor #1 always provide good advice, actors #2 always gives bad advice, and actors #3 gives really bad advice. Good advice should be good, bad should be opposite of the good and ugly should be an even worse version of bad.
Father's Day in a Minute: The actors act out a day in the life of dad and then act out the story in one minute. Then they must act out the same thing in 30 seconds. THEN they must act it out in 10 seconds.
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