Saturday, May 17, 2014

Meaning of the monologue "Demons"

I have many people ask about the meaning of the monologue I wrote called "Demons"

Even though the monologue goes with the play Holy Ground, it was written for very personal reasons.

Here are the questions I received recently and the answers:
1. What were your thought processes as you wrote this monologue?
Demons is about the things inside us, that torture us... it could be our past, bad decisions, negative feelings and experiences... I've had my own demons that haunt me and I struggle with.
2. What are Turk's given circumstances at this point in the script?
The script came from a moment that I had in my life where everything was falling apart. I felt like my world was being destroyed and something inside me was causing it... and I had someone I loved that stayed with me during all that (she is now my wife) that didn't give up on me and helped me work through those issues.
3. Do you think it is appropriate if Turk hurts himself as he says the line "they are punishing me"?
This is also based on another person I know and yes, it would be appropriate for him to hurt himself... this other person it is based on did physically hurt themselves.
4. What would be your directorial vision if you were to direct this scene?
My suggestion (directing wise) would be to go for a wide range of emotions. One moment, go for sadness, another go for anger, then fear, etc. Try to decide which part has which emotion and try for a variety, changing the pacing with each emotional change.

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