Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mama monologue less than a minute for female actress

This 30 second monologue is written by my wife, Shiela Larson and is available for your use for free. Please ask for permission though at doug@freedrama.net (and include the name of the monologue in your request: "Mama").

Oh child, 

Why do you insist on waking me up at night?

Why do you act like a cat and poop in something I've just cleaned for you? 

Or make messes in the kitchen and play with the pots and pans thinking you're in a band?

Why do you poke my face with your finger covered in banana?

Why do I put up with it?

Because when you look at me with those big eyes, and say "Mama", it makes it all worth it.



From the play "When Mel Fell for Nell" by D. M. Larson available on Amazon.com

Dramatic monologue for male - Falling Away from You - solo stage play script

Find more free monologues at http://www.freedrama.net/small1.html

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