Friday, August 22, 2014

"Masked Man" free comedy monologue for older female

Here is a monologue called "MASKED MAN." In this monologue, a little old lady talks about a masked hero who saved a bus full of senior citizens and her love of masked man from her past.

"MASKED MAN" by D. M. Larson

Oh, it was so exciting. It reminded me of my senior prom... Or was it the time the bank was robbed? Either way, it was so exciting.

I have always loved masked men. I enjoy a bit of mystery. Most men are so simple.... Easy to read. But a masked man becomes a whole new kind of man. One with something to hide. A mystery I must uncover.

I miss Roger. He was a mystery. We met one of those costume parties where everyone was wearing a mask. It was his eyes... His beautiful eyes... I could get lost in those eyes forever.

I never told anyone this but I know Roger was the one who robbed that bank. I recognized his eyes. And the way he waved that gun around and yelled at people... It was so scary... And exciting. That's always how he was.... Scary and exciting.

It was so nice seeing Roger again... Rushing on the bus, being a hero. I like him being a hero too. As long as he is in a mask. I love the mask. Good or bad, the mask is perfect.

Please tell him I'm here. That I want to see him again... and give him a kiss.


“Masked Man”
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"My William Shatner Man Crush" 
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free comedy monologue for older female

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