Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Suicide - free play scripts and monologues

Since the death of Robin Williams, suicide is something we're talking more about. It's never the right choice but people should be able to talk about it and be encouraged to discuss why they are hurting before it is too late.

The topic of suicide is also something that people want to explore as actors. As a writer, I've dealt with this topic as well, but not in an obvious way. I don't have characters shouting that they want to die and want to kill themselves. Instead, they are exploring the hurt and pain in their lives.

Here are some monologues and scenes for 1, 2 and 3 actors that explore the pain we struggle with that sometimes leads to an untimely death. But the scripts are not always hopeless. Some of the scripts may even provide some hope to those who are hurting.

"Grace" - a dramatic play for 3 actors - http://www.freedrama.net/angelgrace.html

Monologues from Grace: Hope http://www.freedrama.net/monograce.html and Fallen http://www.freedrama.net/monojude.html

Much Madness monologue http://freedrama.net/madness1.html and play for 3 actors http://freedrama.net/madness.html

Demons monologue http://www.freedrama.net/demons.html and play for 2 actors http://www.freedrama.net/demons2.html

Confession for 2 actors http://www.freedrama.net/confession.html

Beauty and Perfection monologue http://www.freedrama.net/monoshelly.html

First Words monologue http://www.freedrama.net/firstwords.html

Free scenes and monologues actors and actresses duologue scripts about suicide

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