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"Ready to be a Shaped" free monologue for male or female from the play "Between Good and Evil"

"Ready to be Shaped" 
written by D. M. Larson 
is a monologue for male or female 
from the play "Between Good and Evil"


All of us are born innocent babies, ready to be shaped.  But others are reborn as a reaction to what we experience in life.  Some of us grow stronger while other shrink in fear.  And in this lowest moment, this is when we forge a new path in our future.

There are important moments in our lives where we must make a choice.  A choice to be good or a choice to be evil.  If others follow, where will you lead them?  To a better life or to a life that's only better for you?  That's how heroes are made.  They are the ones who devote themselves to others, wanting to change what is wrong and make things right.

Being a hero isn't easy. We might want to help others but sometimes we are too weak and feel helpless at times.  But the spirit must remain strong if we are to achieve a greater good.


In life, even small acts of kindness can create a hero.  There doesn't need to be a meteor falling toward your planet for a hero to emerge.

Even the smallest crisis can give us a chance to be a hero in the lives of others.


NOTE:  The "****" is a possible edit point for making the monologue shorter or longer



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