Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Free short dramatic monologue for male called "Back to Work" from Death of an Insurance Salesman

Free short dramatic solo male monologue named "Back to Work" from the play Death of an Insurance Salesman  
  • ISBN-13: 978-1518665547

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"Back to Work" by D. M. Larson


Can we all please get back to work?!  We have a lot of clients who need us and we have tons of claims to file. While you all joke around, I have Ms. Amy Long who lost her husband in an accident and will lose her home if we don't fill this claim.  Or what about Roger Thomason... he's in the hospital right now and is slipping deeper and deeper in debt until he hears from us and gets the financial help he desperately needs during his medical crisis.  Care to make jokes about that everyone?

(Looks around. Silence)

I didn't think so.  Back to work.



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  1. What I liked about "Back to Work Monologue is it was short story to the point. The character is telling about the workplace.And it's real life situation.where the character is taking place the work place filing claims.Why the character is saying what he's saying is the claims must be filed to prevent loss of homes etc.HHow the character got to the point there at now is acting upon giving orders to workers.. Their bacground is in the workplace of filing claims. Where they come from doesn't say Ralph is acting out this monologue.Why are they behaving the way they are, it's dramatic story with losses of loved one,property and filing the claims is a must to avoid falling deeper in debt


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