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"My Punishment" monologue for female actress from stage play script "Ebony Scrooge"

This is a monologue for one actor (written for female but could be played by a male).  This is adapted from the play "Ebony Scrooge (A Modern Christmas Carol)" by D. M. Larson.

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"My Punishment" by D. M. Larson

A ghost (MARLA) appears.  She has forks, knifes and spoons on chains attached to her (if chains are not possible then either her clothing or on ropes but make sure they rattle and shake for the full effect).  MARLA shakes her forks, spoons and knives at Ebony Scrooge.

Good times?  Good times you say? Our good times cost me dearly.  Our good times came with price. A price even you can't afford.

I have come to tell you that you will share my fate unless you change.

You are like I was before I died... Greedy, corrupt, selfish... And poor. Poor I say! Money does not make you rich. Money is the sin that chokes your soul. 

(Holds up tableware)

I have paid heavily for my sins.

They weigh on me as I drag them through the afterlife ...carrying them for an eternity 

This is my punishment for cheating people.

(Shows EBONY)

The forks are for every time we overcharged. The spoons are for every serving we shorted someone. The knives are for every competitor we stabbed in the back.

So many good times we had together. 

Good times! Good times!

(Shakes tableware in agony) 

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