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"Thank You, Star" monologue for children from Christmas play (free kids monologue for stage)

"Thank You, Star" is a monologue for a child actor adapted from the play "The Star" by D. M. Larson

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"Thank You, Star" by D. M. Larson

(Carrying lantern, goes to star and looks up to it)
Hello, Star.
(Slight pause)
Nice evening.
You're quite beautiful tonight.
Snowy asked me to come here to see you. I must admit, I feel a little strange... being here alone... without her.
(Feeling angry)
Why did they have to take her from me? 
(Pause. Looks at star. Calms down)
You do make me feel at peace.
(Looks down)
I felt so bad all day.
(Looks up)
But now I'm okay.
There are some new lambs in the stable. I'll have to bring them here tomorrow night. I bet they'll really like seeing you. And hearing Snowy's stories. She had the most amazing stories. I'll never forget them. I don't want anyone to forget them... or her... ever.
(Pause. Waves)
Well, I guess I'll see you later. I know where to find you if I need anything.
(Starts to exit. Stops)
And thank you, star, for everything.
(Exits R)



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