Friday, February 6, 2015

I Deserve It - monologue for male - from Death of an Insurance Salesman script - free solo stage play

"I DESERVE IT" by D. M. Larson

Will it be cold in France in February? I planned a little jaunt over the pond as they say. I'm staying in this little villa on the sea... A nice little out of the way place. I'll have my own private beach.

I like to reward myself... I work hard... I deserve it.

I don't feel guilty. Anyone who works hard will get as much as they want. To have things, to have these privileges you must make an effort. You don't get where I am being a leach on society... Begging for handouts.

I never got handouts... I got nothing. This is all me. I did it all. Everything you see is mine and mine alone.

Alone... I've always been alone. I never had anyone. No one helped me so why should I help anyone else?

I've learned how to be on my own. I had to out of necessity. Now it is habit.  A habit I don't intend to break.


I originally wrote this for my Book of James project based on the quote 1:10 "But the rich should take pride in their humiliation--since they will pass away like a wild flower."

But it fit nicely with the character of the boss in the stage play script Death of an Insurance Salesman (ISBN-13: 978-1518665547) so will be used in that project first.


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monologue for male - from Death of an Insurance Salesman script - free solo stage play

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