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Pull My Strings - dramatic monologue for male from the full length play Midnight of the Soul - solo stage script

This monologue for a man is from the play "Midnight of the Soul" by D. M. Larson ISBN-13: 978-1523724512

"Pull My Strings"
by D. M. Larson


Who am I? What am I? Tell me what to be! Tell me who I am!

I try to be what everyone wants... And what you want... but it's never good enough... Never enough for any of you!

I am never good enough. How can I be all things to all people? I am the man of a thousand faces... Clay face... Molding myself for each and every one of you. How can I do so much and get so little? Why won't anyone mold themselves for me? Be what I want and need? Especially you... You're the worst of them all. You demand so much. How can anyone live up to that?

But you can make it all better. You have the power to do that for me. You can make all this pain inside me go away. So I give you my devotion. I will get down on my knees and beg. I will be anything you want me to be... That's what you want right? Be your puppet. Pull my strings and I will dance for you.

(Does a haunting dance like they are hanging from strings. Then falls)

Tell me what to do. I will do it. Just tell me... please.


From the play, "Midnight of the Soul":

Inspired by the Book of James (1:8): "Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do."

In the book “Midnight of the Soul” ISBN-13: 978-1523724512 

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