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Fool's Gold - dramatic male monologue - longer solo stage play script for a man

Fool's Gold by D. M, Larson

King Midas

Remember this place beside the river? This is where we met. You were floating down the river in a boat fit for a queen looking amazing - you certainly wanted my attention that day - and you got it.  We were so young then - things were so much simpler - where precious days became heavenly nights in your arms.

Thank you for being here with me my love. I wanted the last thing I see to be you. 

I can't help talking this way.

I'm dying my love - I can't eat or drink anything anymore -  everything I touch becomes poison in my hands. 

I just wanted the last things I hear to be your voice and the sound of the river - the two things in my life that bring me the most peace. Here with you is where I have been the happiest. I just want to close my eyes and return to those memories - return to a time when our love was the only thing on our minds and my soul was at peace.

 (Reacts to her and moves away)

No! Please no!

(He is weak and falls)

Stay away - you can't touch me.  No one can touch me.

(Lies on the ground)

Let me die - Please- Let the curse die with me.

(Closes his eyes and feels something on his lips - he is startled and then struck by sadness at what he sees)

My wife my love - why did you touch me? You knew I was cursed - you knew what would happen. 
Your kindness has killed you.

I would rather starve to death than see you lost - I would rather die than see you lifeless - forever entombed in a coffin of precious stone.

Yet I did feel you again - it was only for a moment- but it was Heaven - a tiny bit of Heaven in this hell I live in.

How I missed your touch - how could I wish for anything but your touch?  how I longed for it after this curse gripped by soul - how could I reject you and want something so selfish and unreal. 

This curse I wished for - no one should ever make such a wish.

I had so much before and now it's lost - all because nothing was ever good enough for me. I always wanted more.

Except you - you were better than anything I had before or since. Why was I not thankful? Why wasn't this love good enough for me? I would give it all away to give you life again - I would let me kingdom fall into dust if I could have you in my arms - but I wasted it all on a selfish wish - a cursed wish that took everything from me. 

Wishes are of the devil - temptations that destroy us with our own evil desires.

This touch - this golden touch - destroyed everything - now all.  This is fool's gold - it's worthless without you.

(He goes to the river to drink but can't)

I can't even drink from the river - every drop I touch turns on me.

A river of endless gold at my fingertips - made worthless by my touch - worthless to me now-(Realizes)  but not to my people.

I sacrifice myself for you my people - I will give you a land rich with precious stone - I will care for my people in my death as my wife cared for me in life. I do this in her name - baptized in a river of gold - an eternal gift to my people - may Heaven above will forgive me for this terrible thing I have done.

(He walks in to the river with his arms open wide)

End of Monologue

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dramatic male monologue - longer solo stage play script for a man

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