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"Men Having Babies" from the stage play "Waiting on Trains" - female monologue - solo woman script

"Men Having Babies" monologue for a woman from the play "Waiting on Trains" by D. M. Larson

By D. M. Larson

(SUE jumps up and speaks with power and 

Fine. You want to know my goals? I want to be on the cover of Time magazine. I want to be rich. I want to hold the fate of the world in my hot little hands. I want my enemies to be at my door, begging and pleading for my favors just so I can slam the door in their faces. I want to grind mankind into the dirt and listen to them beg for mercy.
(Pause. SUE is turned away. Her voice is soft now with a hint of sorrow.  She sits again) 
And I want my father to say "I proud of you" ...and mean it.

(Sighs and becomes quiet and reflective)

I don't really know what my parents want. I guess my Dad wants success, but I think Mom would rather see me settled down and pregnant. I sometimes wonder if it might be nice be a wife and have kids. It's hard at times to come home to an empty home with a cat who could care less about you. But I don't think I could stand being a housewife like my mother. It seems so futile.

(She tries to shake off her sadness)

I want to work. I want to get somewhere. 

(But she can't shake the feeling she is missing something)

Yet, I still wonder if I can live without love. At times, life just goes a little too fast for me. It didn't use to be that way, but now I'm beginning to wonder.

(Feels tired)

What does the new century hold for the woman? Will we finally get on top or will we settle down? Or is either one possible anymore?

(She shakes it off and smirks)

If only they'd find a way for men to have babies, then it would make things so much easier.


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