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Simple Tips for Better Acting - Help for actor with improv in class



i have to do a 1-2 minute improvisation on my own. I will be given a character, situation, and conflict. I will then have 30 seconds to prepare and a desk and two chairs i can use.
I am a horrible improviser. Really, really terrible and it's tomorrow.

Any ideas how to at least be ok? How to survive? Tips...


The key with improv is don't worry about being funny. Take your required elements and do the very first thing that comes to mind. Don't over think it. Improv works best when you are impulsive.

Or if that sounds too scary :)

You can pre-plan how you will handle it. Maybe you will do it in the style of a commercial or a documentary. Or maybe you are an Alfred Hitchcock or Rod Serling (Twilight Zone) type narrator setting up the scene. If you narrate the scene and set it up before you perform in then it should give you time before you act it out.

For example, you are the narrator and you say, here is (character), he is in (setting) and this is when he (situation). Then you can throw in a twist or something else interesting... But you will be surprised by... (the twist) Add in some other interesting thing you think up.

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Someone asked about how to improve their acting performance so the audience enjoyed it more. There is a simple tip... have fun! If you and your fellow actors are enjoying your performance than the audience is more likely to enjoy it too. So find ways to have fun with your play and work as a group to enjoy it more together. Put the "play" back in play!

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