Monday, May 4, 2015

"Hostages" monologue by Clint Snyder

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Talking to parents about a day at the museum.
     I’m never going back to the museum again, I can tell you that right now, partly because I’m not allowed to go back.  The guard said that after he took my handcuffs off.  He also told me that he only used handcuffs because I stepped on his foot and spit in his face and insulted his mother, but I don’t feel bad at all because I had every right to do those things.  They shouldn’t be allowed to have dead people locked up in their stupid glass things.  I had never thought about it before, but when I was walking by the Egypt exhibit I saw a mummy. I didn’t realize it at first, but apparently a mummy is a dead person… this disturbs me.  I told my chaperone that I thought that was wrong because my grandma was dead and she certainly would not like it if someone put her dead body in a glass box… You know what she told me?  It’s good for science.  I told her I don’t care if it’s good for science it is most certainly not good for my grandma and that was probably some one else’s grandma, but instead of helping me bust them out, the dumb chaperone just took me to another exhibit, which was even more disturbing.  It was a human body exhibit that showed the inside of real dead people’s bodies in plastic, doing dumb things like shooting arrows and riding bicycles.  The chaperone said it was neat because it showed the different muscle groups and that was when I really started freaking out.  I shouted, “They’re keeping the bodies hostage! They’re keeping the bodies hostage!”   I kicked open one of the cases and that’s when the guard grabbed me.  That’s why I’m not allowed to go back in, but it’s just a prison for dead people, so who would want to go in a dumb place like that anyway?

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