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"City Boys" free short comedy monologue for male from funny stage play script "Operation Redneck"

"Operation Redneck" is the story of three friends (Julie, Beth and Tina) who are roommates. Julie is dating a city boy named Jacob and he wants to visit her in the small town she lives in.  She is worried about him fitting in and everyone want to help Jacob by turning him into the ultimate redneck like Tina's boyfriend JJ.

This monologue is Julie's father talking to her about what he thinks of city boys like Jacob.

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by D. M. Larson
(from "Operation Redneck")

I've always thought you'd hook up with a city boy and that's probably the best thing you could do.

Yeah, them city boys have a future. They's gonna make something of themselves. The boys here just gonna find themselves doing the same dead end jobs their pappies is doing.There ain't no future here. 

That's why I sent you to college. So you'd have a future. Don't get me wrong. I love having you here. But you never would have got that great job at our bank if you didn't have that college degree.

 Don't waste your time with these boys around here. They're trouble. Besides, most of them are related anyway. 

(He laughs) 

The gene pool here is getting a little too shallow. We need some new blood.



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