Wednesday, June 24, 2015

"I WOULD HAVE STABBED MYSELF" overdramatic monologue for male Mystery of the Gangster Ghost

I was in love with Sadie. I thought she was the prettiest lady I never did see. And nice. There's something about nice girls that that really turn me on. Maybe because I want to be nice too... or maybe because I enjoy making them bad.

Sadie seemed to like my advances too. She flirted and I was sure I could make her mine. Turns out I was just being used by her. Ain't that the story of my life... used and abused... first my brother Al uses me to do his dirty work and now all these dames got me all tied up in knots... tricking me in to loving them... and she just wanted to make her guy jealous. But her spell was cast and I had to have her. I wrote John that note in order to lure him to this empty warehouse and I planned to fit him for cement galoshes. With him out of the way then I could have Sadie or myself.

When he got there he was angry and he attacked me! I had to defend myself so I strangled him. I put my hands around his neck and put the squeeze on him. But he had somebody working with him. He brought some backup and that knife came at me blindly swinging. I grabbed it and gave it back, right through their heart. It was so dark.  I didn't realize it was Sadie. I would have stabbed myself too if I'd known  I'd killed her.


This monologue is from:

"The Mystery of the Gangster Ghost" Can you solve this mystery? It's not easy because this play has several different endings. You can have a different killer each night of your performance. This play has a flexible cast of 6+ females and 8+ males that is ideal for a large cast. 

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