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SAFETY IN NUMBERS monologue for male from stage play script Bullied, Bungled and Botched

From my newest play for high school about bullying, "Bullied, Bungled and Botched" for teens, teenagers, young adults.

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by D. M. Larson


Look. I know this sounds stupid but you need to ban together.  There’s safety in numbers. So we’re going to start a club. 
(Responds to something one of the students says)

No, it’s not the losers club. The best way to stop being bullied and stop being victims is to find others like you and work together. You know, like watch out for each other. Bullies want to pick us off one by one but they avoid a group. They look for weak ones who stray from the herd and try to pick us off when we’re alone, but if we stay strong and stay together, we can survive this.

Come on people. You came to me because you had a problem. You are picked on. You are victims. And this my answer. All of you can work together and turn things around.

We’re going to be a club that helps others. We’ll be the helpers instead of the hurters. We’ll find ways we can make things better. We can pick up trash, do soup kitchens or help the homeless. We’ll volunteer to help others in need. We’ll go to elementary schools and read with kids. We’ll help little kids who are bullied and patrol the playgrounds. Whatever good we can do, we’ll do it.

Okay, okay. I’m getting carried away. We can’t do everything.  But I think it’s important, not only to be here for each other, but to help other people too. So what do you say?  Want to be in my club?  


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SAFETY IN NUMBERS monologue for male from stage play script Bullied, Bungled and Botched

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