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TEACHERS EAT THEIR YOUNG monologue for male from stage play script Bullied, Bungled and Botched

From my newest play for high school about bullying, "Bullied, Bungled and Botched" for teens, teenagers, young adults.

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by D. M. Larson

You know what? Teachers eat their young. We're supposed to be these people who care about others and help people and make the world a better place, but we treat each other like crap. Some of the meanest people I know are here. They gossip and nit pick - and they stab you in the back. I have been stabbed in the back so many times I'm feeling like Julius Caesar. What's the point? This isn't even a business. We don't even profit from what we're doing. There's no advantage to "beating the competition" - what do we get out of destroying each other?  Nothing - we're not promoted, we don't see huge raises, the people who work harder just get more work. This system is bogus and broken. We put so much into these kids who come and go and never see again - but we put nothing into each other - we don't invest anything in the people we see day after day - year after year - the ones who should build us up just tear us down.

Teachers eat their young - that's why most of us don't last very long and why the ones who do stay are so burned out. We become empty shells, zombies that wander the halls and look for brains to educate. And sometimes I wonder if we even do that.

When I was a kid, we used to give out warm fuzzies.  They were these little notes we’d write in school that had to be nice things we thought about each other.  The teachers did it too. That was a much nicer time. Sure, I know nobody likes that touchy feely self-esteem stuff anymore… but I miss it. I miss the warm fuzzies and miss knowing that someone cared.


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TEACHERS EAT THEIR YOUNG monologue for male from stage play script Bullied, Bungled and Botched

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