Saturday, July 4, 2015

"Land Ho!" short monologue for female actor - kid child girl

"The Pirate and the Princess" is a twist on the tale the Prince and the Pauper. It is about Bones the Pirate Girl who is tired of life at sea and a princess named Fuchsia who dreams of adventure. They decide to switch places but find out being a pirate and a princess isn't all fun and games.

This is it. This is my chance to get off the stinky old rust bucket. Take as long as I need. Well I need a long time. A really long time... First thing I'll find is a cow to get myself some fresh milk. Then I'll buy a pretty gown all made of comfy silk. And I'll take a warm bath for nearly half a day. Then find a feather bed to sleep the night away. And the next day too. "Land ho! Land ho! That's where I want to go. Land ho! Land ho! I will set the world aglow."




short monologue for female actor - kid child girl

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