Thursday, July 2, 2015

"Pirate Makeover" monologue for female from stage play script for kids The Pirate and The Princess

"The Pirate and the Princess" is a twist on the tale the Prince and the Pauper. It is about Bones the Pirate Girl who is tired of life at sea and a princess named Fuchsia who dreams of adventure. They decide to switch places but find out being a pirate and a princess isn't all fun and games.

In this scene, Princess Fuchsia is talking to a mean pirate woman named Big Bertha.


You know what you need?  A makeover.  You actually have nice eyes and with a good facial, you could really glow… and turn a few pirate eyes if you know what I mean.

It must be tough being a pirate gal these days.  And very lonely. 

We all need something… and you need some attention don’t you?  You’re hair… those nails… those teeth… you’re just crying for help.

There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help sometimes. Give me an hour… maybe two… maybe a day… and I could transform you into the most dazzling pirate woman in the seven seas.  You want to get noticed?  You want to turn heads?  You want respect?

So stop trying to look like them… stop trying to be like them… be yourself and be greater than them… you are woman… let them hear you roar.

(reacts to roar)

That was a figure of speech but an actual roar works too.  So what do you say?  You want to dazzle?  You want respect? You want to beat these men at their game or leave them speechless?

Then come with me.  We have some work to do girl.



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"Pirate Makeover" monologue for female from stage play script for kids The Pirate and The Princess

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