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We are the Phoenix - free romantic monologue for solo actor performance, audition, workshop, competition or classroom - love poem

"We are the Phoenix"
by D. M. Larson

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We are born alone, separate… in pieces… missing something of ourselves.

 So we are born searching, looking for something to make us complete.

 We wander the darkness of our lives, seeking light.  

 A single flame burned in my future.  Waiting… waiting… waiting for me to find you.

 But I was blind and didn’t see you even though you were near.  But I had grown so cold, entombed in ice.  I felt nothing, saw nothing, heard nothing around me.

 But your flame burned bright. At last, I could feel the heat… I desired it…  I needed your fire to melt the ice that caged my spirit.

 Your warmth slowly filled me, awakening my spirit and releasing my soul. A soul that now belongs to you. A soul that is a part of you and you of me. Expanding a soul that we were meant to share together.

 You are the piece that completed me.

 With you, I was reborn, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.   

 I was burned by my past, damaged and falling apart into dust… but you were the fire that gave me new life… with you I was reborn.  I live again, more mighty than before… more powerful… more vibrant.  

 There is no end to you and no beginning to me… we are infinity… forever dancing in an eternal embrace. You are the flames that dance around my heart.  You burn life into my soul and we soar together on wings made of the sun, forever burning with love.

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free romantic monologue for solo actor performance, audition, workshop, competition or classroom love poem

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