Saturday, October 17, 2015

"Being a Cop" monologue for male from Death of an Insurance Salesman


by D. M. Larson

From the published play "Death of an Insurance Salesman"

(Max struggles to his feet and looks at his phone... He shakes his head and slams it on the desks in frustration)

No reception.

(He falls into SKIPPY'S chair. He grabs a comic that is in the chair beside him. He starts looking at it)

I always wanted to be a hero. I was smart enough to know I'd never get super powers but I still wanted to do something amazing... Something that would help people. Something that would make this world a little safer to live in. Being a cop was the closest thing I could think of...

(He uses the comic to try to stop the bleeding in his chest) 

As a kid, I watched detective shows with my grandparents.. They watched anything with cops and detectives. And the cops always had the answers and outsmarted the bad guys. That's the kind of person I wanted to be. The one who was right, the one who caught the ones who did wrong.

Now... somehow, cops have become the bad guy... 

Somehow we lost everyone's respect along the way. They don't believe in us anymore. The Noble detective is now a fictional figure of our past that was just a fantasy for small children who think that there still justice in this world. 

(He checks himself and there is blood all over his hands and the comic now. He tries using the comic to stop the blood but passes out)



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