Monday, December 7, 2015

Fairy Godfather funny monologue for male - short solo stage play script

"Fairy Godfather"
By D. M. Larson 

Good evening.  I'm your fairy godfather.  I bet you didn't know  us godfairies were still in operation in the 21st century... we got fairies all over... just the other day my fairy godcousin Vinny got some kid their wish upon a star wish and now that kid is proud owner of one of them video game devices.  We're that good.  But you have to understand we're on a budget now... the darn economy.  Sure, I'd like to help all them poor little boys and girls get what they want, but hey... a fairy's gotta make a living too.  But you know, we always was focused on royalty... princes or princesses... We'd fix you up with a royal something or another... and then when you got your happily ever after, there was the bill... them stories never tell you about the bill.



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From the scene "Blinded by the Knight"
in the published play "Between Good and Evil"

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