Friday, January 1, 2016

Part 3 Free Acting School - Online Classes for Actors from Freedrama - 2016 edition

Who are your favorite actors Part 3 of Free Acting School


  1. 1. Denzel Washington
    2. Meryl Streep - I respect her bouncing back after being called "too ugly" to act by a famous producer. She did not let that define her and went on to be one of the most well-respected and sought after actresses in the world.
    3. Richard Gere - (I admire him in many movies, including Pretty Woman). Richard has that classic gentleman, old-school charm that I SO admire in men, and it comes across in his acting.
    4. Cameron Diaz
    5. Sandra Bullock - Many movies, including Miss Congeniality and Premonition. Sandra is the type of actress that is diverse- She's cheeky, sassy, a bit of a "tom boy", and brings that to many of her roles. However she can also be convincing in more dramatic roles, especially through her facial expressions and
    the questioning of her own insanity in Premonition.
    6. Julia Roberts
    7. Rachel McAdams
    8. Kerry Washington - Olivia Pope in Scandal. I loved how she portrayed a seemingly strong, independent woman, who "has it all", however deep down she is afraid of commitment and is lonely. Kerry can play both roles so convincingly and realistically.
    9. Shailene Woodley
    10.Emma Stone - Hanna Weaver in Crazy, Stupid Love. I loved how she portrayed that giddy feeling one experiences when seeing someone they think is smoking hot for the first time. She's got that geeky charm, whilst being beautiful and charismatic.

    1. I also love Robin Williams from your list, I love famous actors that are famous for their humor, and love how he spent his life making others laugh.

    2. I like your list of actors it is very diverse

    3. Indeed, Denzel Washington and Man on Fire, trully a movie which can be watch over and over again.

    4. Very good list, I love all of the actors on there

    5. I love your list! they're all so good - you have great taste in actors

    6. I think Robie Williams is awesome because he inspires young people with entertainment and humour

    7. Meryl Streep is a fantastic actress! She proves that even while she is getting older, she is still able to do a fantastic job.

    8. Cameron Diaz is a beautiful actress, and her work never fails to make me smile.

    9. i agree with your list and there all really good actors

    10. Shailene woodley is amazing

    11. 1.)Will Smith-shows a ton of soul, really portrays the problems his character shows
      2.)Jessica Lange- can fit so many roles and can switch in a second. Very versatile yet expresses the character well.
      3.)Emily VanCamp- She fits the mysterious character perfectly while also maintaining her other personalities
      4.)Misha Collins-Dead serious acting and doesn't break character even in really funny scenes. Acts confused very well and never fails to make me laugh.
      5.)Uma Thurman- Can really go from hurt to "i'm going to kill you" in no time at all while still keeping up her character's personality.
      6.)Mark Shepard-Acts with really good skill. Flawlessly being sophisticated and humorous.
      7.)Emily Deschanel- She's very great because she keeps these serious, professional airs but still is humorous.8.)Alexandra Breckenridge-Manages to entrance the audience with impeccable acting.
      9.)John Travolta-Conveys teen spirit seamlessly.
      10.)Vera Farmiga-Accurately portrays how the character would feel and act in the actual situation.

    12. 1. Leonardo DiCaprio- he is absolutely fantastic in every movie that I have seen him in. He can do every single role so perfectly. I especially loved him in Catch Me if you Can!
      2. Audrey Hepburn- Audrey is my style icon, I love her! She was amazing in Breakfast at Tiffany's- one of my favorite movies!
      3. Emma Watson- she was so great even as a little kid in the Harry Potter movies and she is so talented and very funny.
      4. Meryl Streep- she is absolutely brilliant in every role I have seen her in. I especially loved her in the heart wrenching film Sophie's Choice. I also loved her in Marvins Room, Mamma Mia, and the Giver.
      5. Will Smith- he is such a great comedian and I loved him in Hitch he was hilarious!
      6. Morgan Freeman- absolutely amazing actor! I loved him in Shawshank Redemption. He is an incredible story teller.
      7. Anne Hathaway- she is very talented and was great in The Princess Diaries, I loved those movies when I was a little kid!
      8. Robert DeNiro- such an amazing actor. Delivers his lines perfectly and I loved him in This Boys Life!
      9. Will Ferrell- so hilarious!!!! I loved him in Elf- one of my favorite movies and I laughed the whole way through!
      10. Melissa McCarthy- my favorite comedian! I love her so much she is absolutely hilarious, so talented!

    13. Asia,
      I love your choices! Especially Jessica Lange and John Travolta! They are all super talented actors!

    14. Annie, I Love all of your choices especially Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro

  2. Top ten actors

    #10. Mark Wahlberg,can do action and comedy

    #9. Dwayne Johnson, was a fan of his since I was a child watching wrestling and he has grown into a great actor

    #8. Tom Hiddleston, first saw him in Othello and his performance blew me away and him as Loki is tremendous

    #7. Benedict Cumberbatch, he has a great voice and plays one of my favorite versions of Sherlock Holmes

    #6. Chiwetel Ejiofor, his characters always seem to have such humanity

    #5. Michael Fassbender, has such emotional depth

    #4. Gary Goldman, brilliant actor and one of the best

    #3. Tom Hardy, plays great characters with dark sides

    #2. Liam Neeson, can deliver fantastic performances and can do high octane action

    #1. Idris Elba, my favorite actor his transformations into Stringer Bell was phenomenal, I did not know he was English until years later

    1. This list is amazing it's so hard to chose just there so many good actors

    2. the only person i actually know on your list is dwayne Johnson , hes my favorite Actor too

    3. This list is unique to what has stayed in your mind and that is brilliant! I love Liam Neeson I think he is great.

    4. Jess, I love your top ten actors and my list would be almost exactly the same.

    5. The best list that I've seen. The descriptions are amazing. Keep it up!

    6. I agree wholeheartedly! Nice choices man

  3. Anupam kher
    Shakti kapoor
    Nawaziddique siddique
    Irfan khan
    Akshaya kumar
    Kapil sharama
    And sudesh

    1. These are obviously actors and actresses from another country then my own so i don't know much about them. I am going to watch some of there stuff know. i love learning about different cultures through film so these guys should be good to look out for - kayley

  4. sylvester stallone what ever character he plays he plays it so good it like he really is those characters
    2 dwayne Johnson (the rock). I believe he was born to act in wwe he could catch you straight away even in movie's he can pull you in the movie with him.
    3 Emma stone what can I say she brings the emotion out of people
    4 robin Williams. His humour will never be matched he play's a funny a lot but he can be a serious guy to
    5 denzel Washington this guy is someone I would call legend in this industry.
    6 Julia Roberts.
    7 Sandra Bullock I think lol. She someone who can be any character really.
    8Liam nelson I think that's how its spelt this guy can be in the crappest action movie ever and make it one of the best
    9 Mel Gibson. He is gotta be on anybody list. He can portray a character so well. I've heard from a guy doing a movie with him in Australia that he actually rolls around in the mud with you to help your acting as well.
    10 johnny depp when I first seen the pirate of (sorry can't spell it) he literally made me wanna be a Pirate. I've seen movies of younger and he just seems like he was another one to be an actor

    1. You have a nice selection of actors! I will look into some of them.

    2. Hi, you have a good list of actors and like that you have explained why they are good really well. :)

    3. I'm sure you've picked them wisely and that you're pics are good, you have very good motivations to why they are on you're top 10 list.

  5. Top Ten it is a matter of tase and it is hard to choose only ten from so many ”close to perfection” actors out there.

    However, my Top Ten actors it is as folows:

    1. Leonardo DiCaprio - Blood Diamond, The Wolf of Wallstreet...not to mention Titanic...simple memorable for me.
    2. Robert De Niro - a legend in cinematography!
    3. Kate Winslet - The Reader, Labor Day... outstanding work.
    4. Brad Pitt - Troy, I could watch over and over again.
    5. Robert Downey Jr
    6. Russel Crowe - none could have played better the Gladiator
    7. Christian Bale
    8. Matt Damon
    9. Eric Bana
    10. Kate Blanchet

    But must note Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, while the list could go on and on.

    1. dicaprio is mine favourite too......he's great actor and hope this time he'll get oscar for the revenant

    2. Dicaprio is one my favorite actors and I think its nice that you have De Niro on your list! I didn't see many people have him on theirs. You have a great list of actors/actresses!

    3. Leo is my favorite actor too. That Oscar was well deserved ;))

  6. 1. Leonardo DiCaprio
    2.Robert Downey Jr.
    3. Mark Wahlberg
    4. Scarlet Johanson
    5. Brad Pitt
    6. Matt Damon
    7. Johnny Deep
    8. Denzel Washington
    9. Tom Cruise
    10. Liam Neeson

  7. I agree with your choice of Robin Williams from the list!

    Now as for me...

    To be honest, I don't know that much actors (perhaps because I don't watch a lot of movies and I'm specifically aiming to become a voice-over actress), but I am aware of some actors. Here is a list I came up with, and I'll do my best to explain why they stood out to me:

    1. Dakota Fanning: I haven't seen much of her movies, but I am impressed that she had accomplished so much at her age. She is also a great role model.
    2. Sandra Bullock: I read that she can be very versatile in her roles. She is also a favorite among my family.
    3. Jennifer Lawrence: I loved her performance in the Hunger Games movies. She was a very convincing Katniss, and I look forward to more of her work. She also seems to be a humble person.
    4. Shailene Woodley: I loved her performance in The Fault in Our Stars. I was moved to tears. I look forward to more of her work.
    5. Robin Williams: I loved his funny movies, and he was a very hilarious guy as well.
    6. Leonardo DiCaprio: I last saw him in The Great Gatsby, and he portrayed Gatsby very well. He's also a very talented actor.
    7. Kate Winslet: I last saw her in Divergent. She was convincing as an antagonist. She's also a very talented actress.
    8. Tom Cruise: I watched some of his James Bond movies, and he made them interesting to watch.
    9. Meryl Streep: I hear about her often, and I last saw her in The Devil Wears Prada. I admired her acting in that movie.
    10. Josh Hutcherson: I'm fond of his role as Peeta in The Hunger Games. Even though some people weren't satisfied with his casting in the movie, I believe he portrayed Peeta well.

    1. There are some really wonderful actors and actresses here, Meryl Streep and Robin Williams I absolutely agree with I love it when actors can just be them self no matter what they are being told Meryl being told she is "too ugly" for acting but she keep fighting and proving everybody wrong that is is amazing a wonderful actress and so beautiful she is a great role model. I've seen Kate Winslet and Shailene both in Divergent it was a great movie that really draws you in both had great acting, you have a great list here, also keep going for voice acting you'll do great! i'd suggest watching more films though as you say you don't watch many particularly cartoons if it's voice acting you want to do just to grab all the experience you can from them but have faith you'll do just fine :)

  8. 1. Orlando Bloom
    Because He is Soo Great,I really love him. I really love his smile,His face.He can be whatever you want.
    I loved his charter in 'Lord of the rings'as 'Legolas'
    2.Cameron Dallas
    Super funny.He is just for comedy or romantic type of acting.
    3.Paul Walker
    I love the way he acting,He is just into it. He can be a familly guy,Dangerous guy,Coool guy.What ever part he have.He is just great in it.
    4.Angelina Jolie
    'Because she is the only one I really adore.I love her eyes.She also can be dangerous and lovely at the same time :)
    5. Zendaya Coleman
    I love her. She is so nice person.I love the way she making her faces,her smile.She is awesome.
    6.Leonardo DiCaprio
    Very talented actor. I always cry when I watch Titanic movie. He is great.
    7.Emma Stone
    8.Dylan and Cole Sprouse
    Because they are twin,They are coll without each other,But Perfect when they are together :)
    9. Brad Pitt
    10.Vin Diesel

    1. I agree with some of them,I don't know all of them though. Good luck becoming an actor

  9. 10.Chloë Grace Moretz
    9.Orlando Bloom
    8.Tom Hanks
    7.Jason Statham
    6.Al Pacino
    5.Robert DeNiro
    4.John Travolta
    3.Samuel L. Jackson
    2.Tom Hardy
    1.Bradley Cooper

    There are a lot more of good actors now i just don't remember everyone

    1. I agree, Chloe grace Mortez is a fabulous actress. Makes her characters so very real!

  10. After analyzing your list Mr. Larson I do agree because of the reasons why each actor made it on your the list.

    This is mine.

    10. Sandra Bullock- she always has a boat load of emotion in her performances especially 'The Blind Spot'

    9. Kevin Hart

    8. Majid Michel- personalizes every role he is in whether a calm gentleman or a rascal he's always ready to deliver.

    7. Raven Symone

    6. Jennifer Lawrence- she never disappoints from the 'Hunger Games' through to the movie 'Joy'

    5. Vin Desiel

    4. Jennifer Lopez

    3. Tyler Perry

    2. Will Smith- powerful and determined actor especially in 'The Persuit of Happiness' 'Seven PoundsPounds' and the latest 'Concussion'

    1. Denzel Washington- a consistent entertainer who always brings his roles to life.

    1. good choice , i i actually think that your a type of person who likes comedy Movies

  11. #1 Robert DeNiro
    2. Emilia Clarke
    3. Jeff Bridges
    4. Ben Kingsley
    5. Meryl Streep
    6. Daniel Day Lewis
    7. George Clooney
    8. Tom Hardy
    9. John Boyega
    10. Brian Cranston

    Not in any particular order, they're all magnificent!

  12. Top 10 favorite actors in no particular order

    Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Aniston
    Will Smith
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Meryl Streep
    Amy lee Curtis
    Sandra Bullock
    Julia Roberts
    Mark Wallburg
    Audrey Hepburn

    1. I love your list! All of these actors are inspiring towards my own work!

  13. 1.johnny depp really gets into character
    2.Jim carrey is hilarious
    3.Leonardo di caprio I loved him in titanic
    4.Emma Watson I love Harry Potter
    5.Robbie Williams was an amazing actor, brilliant at doing different voices, RIP
    6.Matt Smith is so cool in doctor who and also 7.davud tenant is too
    8.Billie Piper
    9.will Smith
    10. Michelle lei.

    1. i agree with your list, good job =)

    2. Yes, they are all amazing! Especially, Johnny Depp, he also is my favourite actor!

  14. I don't know several actors that were listed so I decided to do some research. I don't know to many actors/actresses so I am going to do top 7. One of the actors that I knew was Robin Williams. I watched Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams and I also watched a cartoon with his voice - something about robots. He was very very funny and he made me smile every time I watched him. Lately I have been watching a lot of CW network lately and a lot of my favorite actors are there now. This is my list of actors and what shows/movies they are in.

    1) Grant Gustin - The Flash, Glee - Very convincing actor w/ wide range of emotion
    2) Emily - Bett Rickards - Arrow, The Flash - Funny, so convincing
    3) Stephen Amell - Arrow , The Flash - Main Character .... i don't know??
    4) Robin Williams - Mork and Mindy - Hilarious and experienced
    5) Debbie Ryan - Jessie, Radio Rebel - good dramatic / comedy actor and intriguing
    6) Bill Murry - Scrooged, Ghost Busters - Represents himself as the character
    7) Bob Hope - Road to Hong Kong - hilarious and convincing

    Those are my favorite actors, some my dad shows me and some my sisters have but I still love watching actors / actresses.

  15. 1) SRK
    2) Amir Khan
    3) Akshay Kumar
    4) Ranbir Kapoor
    5) Ranbeer Singh
    6) Priyanka Chopra
    7) Salman Khan)
    8) Saif Ali Khan
    9) Sanjay Dutt
    10) Varun Dhawan

    1. Nice to see a man from bollywood..our list is full of actors

  16. 1. Robbie Williams
    2.Robert Downey Jr.
    3. Mark Wahlberg
    4. Scarlet Johanson
    5. Anglena
    6. Matt Damon
    7. Johnny Deep
    8. Emma Stone
    9. Tom Cruise
    10. Orlando Bloom

    1. I love all those actors too! Especially Johnny Depp!!!!

    2. Oh! I like Robert too a lot! And iforgot to put him on my list :'D Great list tho!

  17. 1. Shah rukh Khan : king of romance and badshah of bollywood

    2. Akshay Kumar: comic timing and action
    3. Amithabh bacchan: All rounder actor
    4. Amir Khan: hard worker and Mr perfectionist
    5. Deepika
    6. Priyanka
    7.nawajuddin siddiki
    8. Anupam kher
    9. Irffan Khan
    10. Ranveer

  18. 10) Gary Oldman
    9) Robert Duvall
    8) Christian Bale
    7) John Cazale
    6) Phillip Seymour Hoffman
    5) Christopher Walken
    4) Al Pacino
    3) Jeff Bridges
    2) Gene Hackman
    1) Robert de Niro

  19. 1. Dylan'O'Brian

    2. Taron Egerton- Taron is one of my favourite actors it because Well he is a huge inspiration to me and I love his work and his acting skills.

    3. Gene Wilder

    4. Johnny Depp- Johny Depp is so well known in acting but that is not what I like about him he has just made every movie special for me and I don't know how he does it but he does

    5. Selena Gomez

    6. Jennifer Lawson- Now The Hunger games series is one of my most loved movie/series and Jennifer Lawson is very pretty but that is not the point she is very good at what she does and I'm sorry no more😍

    7. George Clooney

    8. Samantha Womack-So Eastenders is my second most loved drama (emerdale 1st though) And Samantha is almost like the dark horses she is good at being it and she obviously works hard she is properly (the prettiest) my favourite Character on the square.

    9. Michelle Keegan

    10. Michael Parr- So my favourite soap/drama emmerdale now Michael parr is not my favourite character but like Samantha he is always up to something and that is what I like about his acting its expressed well and done very well.

  20. Hi Krishna Love Some Of Your picks I agree with most of them how do you like mine?

  21. Top Ten Actors
    10)Tessa Thomson- She is just a great person and actor. Is raw and real with her acting.
    9)Anne Hathaway- Brilliant actor and a great human. Her work in Les Miserables was showstopping. Love her work.
    8)Robin Williams (who doesn't love him lol) I grew up watching him in Aladdin and Jumanji and he has become part of my childhood. Not only that, but he was a spectacular person that I aspire to become and was a incredible actor.
    7)Emma Watson- Again, part of my childhood (Harry Potter). She is a splendid person and holds herself with such amazing poise. Her acting is phenomenal.
    6)Daniel Radcliffe- Can we just take a moment to appreciate him. Okay. He is my entire childhood. He was amazing in Harry Potter and such a good role model in those movies too.
    5)HARRISON FORD- THIS MAN MAKES ME SMILE JUST THINK OF HIS SARCASTICNESS. He has such great character development and he just makes me very happy because he can make you laugh even in the worst times.
    4)Meryl Streep- This lady cannot be anymore sophisticate and badass at the same time. She is wise beyond her years and is my role model. Her acting is The Devil Wears Prada and Mockingjay Part 1 and 2 is brilliant.
    3.)Lena Dunham- She is such and amazing screenplay writer and actor. I love her show Girls and also her movie Tiny furniture. She has a way of capturing the raw realness that no other actor really does. She makes her characters seem so real, that it's almost like she isn't even acting.
    2) Micheal Gambon- There aren't even words I can use to describe how much I loved his work in Harry Potter. He played such a wise and empowering character yet made him so blunt and sarcastic. My favorite scene that he has ever done is in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix where he was cornered and simply clapped his hands together, the phoenix swooped up and he vanished into flames.
    1) ADAM DRIVER- I CANNOT FIND WORDS TO DESCRIBE THIS MAN AND HIS ACTING AND HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS I JUST CAN'T. His work in Hungry Hearts and Girls is just the greatest thing i think I've ever seen with my eyeballs. *mic drop*

  22. 1--Jennifer lawrence--shes a great actress and expresses herself in many ways
    2---Adam Sandler--He is Hilarious and does a good job at making people laugh
    3-----Rowan Blanchard---she pulls of acting great and you wouldnt even know if its really how she is or not
    4---Lily Collins---she is great and really nice and sweet
    5---Kyle massey --i grew up watching him and he entertains peopleand also does a great job at it
    6----Shailene Woodley---Shailene is great in those action movies and i even learn more about her characters and how she is
    7--Rowan Blanchard---Rowan is my age and she is honest with the world and herself, she started acting at a young age and she does a good job as playing the girl in the spin of bmw which is gmw
    8--ZenDaya--I like how zendaya started acting at a young age and become one at a young age and she even encourages people to do the same
    9---Zac Efron--Zac efron does a great job on his roles and
    he proved his bullies wrong by becoming a successful actor
    10---Keke Palmer--i like her because , she puts alot of work and attitude in her acting

  23. 1. Kristen Stewart: she really gets into her character
    2. Crystal Reed: I love the way she can talk through her eyes
    3. Holland Roden: the way she uses for faces to express herself
    4. Shelley hennig: she just awesome... So funny and not afraid of making mistakes
    5. Arden cho: she is really good with her voice and making it sound just perfect for any character
    6. Tyler Posey: he's so natural
    7. Dylan O'Brien: he is hilarious love the way he makes faces
    8. Brad Pitt :
    He's just awesome at his job
    9. Leonardo DiCaprio: really great at his job
    10. Dakota Johnson : she has slot if attitude,love the way she talks

  24. 10.Rachel McAdams-Rachel has always been able to show real and raw emotion so beautifully on screen. My favorite movies with her are The Vow, The Time Traveler's Wife and The Family Stone.
    9.Denzel Washington-Denzel has a wonderful presence on screen. His acting never comes off flat. He can bring a character to life.
    8.Sandra Bullock- I loved watching her in dramas like The Blind Side, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close to comedies like Miss Congeniality and All About Steve.
    7.Eddie Redmayne- Eddie won an Oscar for his role in The Theory of Everything. I've loved everything I've seen him in and I can't wait to watch The Danish Girl.
    6.Robin Williams- Robin is well known for his comedic roles and many many voices. But his dramatic roles, like in Dead Poet's Society was a performance I will never forget.
    5.Jennifer Lawrence-The fun and out going girl next door. I love Jennifer on and off screen. With no acting training, she is beyond talented.
    4.Will Smith-From Mr. Fresh Prince to movie icon. I love everything Will is in. I has a natural ability to take on a role and become the character.
    3.Matt Damon- I recently watched Martian, Matt's most recent performance. I was wonderful. To pretty much play an entire movie alone takes a great talent to keep your audience drawn in. I couldn't stop watching.
    2.Julia Roberts- I grew up watching Julia in romantic comedies. Her performances always make my emotions go on edge, and that is what acting should be like.
    1.Tom Hanks- I've loved him from his roles in Forrest Gump, Toy Story, Castaway etc. His range is extraordinary. He transitions from comedy to drama with beautiful ease.

  25. 1. Sasha Pieterse- She is my favorite one of all. She's so inspiring and plays Alison Dilaurentis is Pretty Little Liars. She makes all her characters come to life.

    2. Ian Somerhalder- Not just his good looks, but his acting skills are truly amazing. I love it so much and he makes Damon Salvatore seem so true.

    3.Kat Grahm- Another one of my favs. She is beautiful and makes me want to personally cry myself when she cries.

    4. Nina Dobrev- I liked her from the start and she is so inspirational and her acting is great. She makes everything seem so realistic.

    5. Blake Lively- She makes the perfect "Gossip girl" and her facial expressions are so amazing and makes it seem as though her character exist.

    6. Channing Tatum- He is one great actor. He works awesome as an action star and better yet, his movie "She's the Man" is one of my favorite movies of all time.

    7. Chloe grace Mortez- even at a young age, she acts like an adult and so mature. Her characters are so great and unbelievably perfect.

    8. Ashley Benson- Her work inspires me and I love her actions as Hanna in Pretty Little Liars. Again, Like Kat grahm, her crying are so sad and makes me want to jump into the tv and hug her.

    9.Shaliene Woodley- her job in Fault in the Stars was beautiful. She played the character in the book perfectly, the actions, movements, and facial expressions represented that.

    10. Lucy Hale- Her character, Aria Montgomery, was the most beautiful stuff ever. I love watching her on tv because it makes me feel like I am inside the same room, talking to her, same as Sasha Pieterse.

  26. 1. Jennifer Lawrence- Able to take on any role and truly make us believe any emotion.
    2. Johnny Depp- He's taken on many different types of personalities and perfects them.
    3. Tom Hardy- He was amazing in Batman and was very good at portraying different emotions of his character.
    4. Ashley Benson- Her character in PLL is fantastic and she showed different sides to one person.
    5. Cameron Monaghan - In Jamie Mark's is Dead, he performed a truly beautiful character. The way he displays his pain is incredible.
    6. Will Smith - I've always loved Will Smith since Fresh Prince but he had showed a lovely emotional side to him as well.
    7.Anne Hathaway- Come on. She's brilliant! Her performance in Le Miserables was unbelievable!
    8.Emma Watson - She's Hermione. You can't get much better than that.
    9.Alan Rickman- He just brought beauty to all his performances.
    10. Robin Williams - We all love him and his joy to all his performances.

    1. Great list!! I especially agree with Johnny Depp and Emma Watson :)

  27. For me:
    1. Heath ledger
    2. Jack Nicholson
    3. Leonardo Dicaprio
    4. Johnny Depp
    5. Michael Caine
    6. Jim Carrey
    7. Edward Norton
    8. Will smith
    9. Ashton Kutcher
    10. Matt Damon

    Those are the first ones that came quick to my mind. I based my judgement primarily on the impact they made to me personally with their performances.

    1. All of these actors are simply amazingo and I agree with all of those choices!

  28. I can't agree or disagree with the actors on your list because I don't have much knowledge of them other than Robin Williams, Denzel Washington, and Tom Hanks, which are all great picks on my opinion. My top 10 actors/actresses would have to be:
    10. Zac Efron
    9. Johnny Depp
    8. Denzel Washington
    7. Daniel Radcliffe
    6. Al Pachino
    5. Will Smith
    4. Jennifer Lawerence
    3. Robert DeNiro
    2. Margot Robbie
    1. Leonardo Dicaprio

    I don't like putting them in any kind of order but these are top 10 favorite actors/actresses.

    1. Great picks! And I agree with the no order thing and not being able to agree or disagree with his choices everyone is different and have different views and choices

  29. Sarah Michelle Gellar for her strong female role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Johnny Depp for his many character roles he plays so well. Will Smith for his charm he brings to every role. Leonardo Dicaprio for his many brilliant roles which I definitely think deserve an award. Alyson Hannigan for her many acting talents. Adam Sandler for his many hilarious roles. Hilary Duff for her charming charisma. Judy Garland for her grace. Cara Delevigne for her outgoing roles. Robin Williams for his many amazing roles and talents. Michelle Rodriguez for her fiery strong women roles.

    I can't criticise your list as everyone has different preferences, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    1. I agree great list everyone there is great at what they do no matter what always put your best foot fowerd in everything

    2. I agree great list everyone there is great at what they do no matter what always put your best foot fowerd in everything

    3. This is a great list. All those are very talented and different to my list. You have people I hadn;t thought of but are just as incredible.

    4. I agree Sarah's role on BTVS is one of the greatest TV performances of all time.

  30. #1 AL Pacino i picked him the man is great at make you feel like what he dose is real.
    #2 Tom hanks i picked him because his performance in captain Phillips wow
    #3 Samuel L jackson hands down one of the best. from one his movies the line a lot of people like i said e-nough is e-nough i have had it with these got dame snakes on this got dame plane
    #4 Jim Carrey
    #5 Jonah hill came from the back and shot to the front and the man is getting greater he dose it all to
    #6 Denzel washington no words that how great he is. man is a legend to me
    #7 Ryan reynolds
    #8 vince vaughn he make it look so easy
    #9 james franco 127hrs that movie was great
    #10 Cicele Tyson man wow like this woman is the legend lok talk about make you feel it you got to love her
    P.S i agree with your hole top ten Doug larson and thanks for letting be in this class its fun

    1. Great choice in actors, a couple I couldn't fit on my list here with one being Samuel L. Jackson. You're right, his lines in movies and how he hits them make him a great actor that you'll always be talking about. His speech in Pulp Fiction is one of the greatest and I thought made him better than John Travolta in that movie! I also like how you've included both newer and older actors in the mix too.

  31. Replies
    1. OK so I don't know why I am unable to post my list, but I have my own short explanations for why I have chosen each actor. So if anyone would like to hear those, please post a reply with simply the actor's name and I will reply with my explanation.

      Like I mentioned in my last entry, I am not familiar with many actors and therefore don't feel like I can judge the given list. I believe I only recognized 2 names on the list. With that being said, here is my list.
      In no particular order:
      Alan Rickman
      Johnny Depp
      Jared Padalecki
      Ian Somerhalder
      Tom Hiddleston
      Chris Hemsworth
      Chris Evans
      Angelina Jolie
      Dakota Fanning
      Jennifer Lawrence

  32. Waaah I just wrote it all out and it deleted. Anyways here I go again. I am choosing all female actresses as that’s who I aspire to be.
    1. Meg Ryan – From “Courage Under Fire” toughness to “When A Man Loves a Woman” moments of weakness to the comedy in “When Harry Met Sally” this actress is so versatile and amazing.
    2. Drew Barrymore- From the child in “ET” to the kickass in “Charlie’s Angels” to playing a good and bad version of the character in “Doppelganger” to the short term memory in “50 First Dates” this is another non typecast actress as she has such a range.
    3. Sandra Bullock – From “Speed” to “Miss Congeniality” this actress is just amazig.
    4. Amanda Tapping – Not big screen but amazing. From the kickass American blonde in “Stargate” to the british Brunette in “Sanctuary” this woman is incredible.
    5. Jennifer Lawrence –This chick is just awesome I don’t really need to say much more.
    6. Betty White- Someone who has acted her whole life and is still going I can only dream that I will continue to act as long as she does.
    7. Meryl Streep- She played almost every character known to woman from whiches to bitches to mothers so then she went to “Angels of America” and played a man.
    8. Rebel Wilson – Who could not love this chick she is hilarious she is honest and she is human and doesn’t conform to Hollywoods body image.
    9. Christina Applegate- Just hilarious and even with health problems has continued with acting.
    10. Abigail Breslin- Such a young age such talent and just awesome.

  33. 1- Leonardo DiCaprio
    2- Christian Bale
    3- Robert Downey Jr
    4- Heath Ledger
    5- Ben Kingsley
    6- Aamir Khan
    7- Tom Hardy
    8- Meryl Streep
    9- Angelina Jolie
    10- Brad Pitt

    1. YAAAAAS LEO! It's crazy to getting mauled by a bear is what awarded him with his first Oscar! He's done so many scenarios and that was the winner, it was way overdue!

  34. Leonardo Di Caprio
    Daniel Craig
    Brad Pitt
    Tom Hardy
    Robert De Niro
    Jeff Bridges
    Morgan Freeman
    Robin Williams
    Johnny Depp

  35. 1. Angela Bassett-she turn into her characters and have you believing it's really about her.
    2. Lawrence Fishburne- he have this look that get you every time.
    3. Kerry Washington- you can tell she really enjoy her roles.
    4. Cuba Gooding- he play varies roles. When he played radio his performance was so real you would have thought he was really mentally challenged.
    5. Jennifer Lopez- she's able to act and performs excellent.
    6. Alfred Woodard- she have been an actor so long that she make you believe any role she's playing.
    7. Sanaa Lathan- she wears her great on her sleeve and it shows in her performances.
    8. Wesley Snipes- his ambition is awesome.
    9. Sean Penn- he show lots of emotions.
    10. 50 Can't/Curtis Jackson- he write and act in his own movies. His determination is amazing.

  36. These are 'my' 10 favourite actors:
    1. Jamie Alexander - She is my favourite actor and acts in my favourite tv series Blind Spot. She is amazing at becoming her character.
    2. Stana Katic - I think she was a real good actor playing the part of Kate Beckett in Castle, she shows the characters emotions really well.
    3. Jennifer Lopez - when I was younger I loved watching her act in movies and I loved how she was a really good singer that was a really good actor.
    4. Queen Latifah - She is a great comedy actor and I love how she can also act sensible in movies as well.
    5. Will Smith - I like the movies Men in Black 1, 2 and 3 and think he is the best actor in those movies.
    6. Laura Marano - She was my favourite Disney Channel actor playing in Austin and Ally. I like that her character and herself have heaps in common.
    7. Jennifer Aniston - She is one of the best actors in all the movies she acts in.
    8. Chris Pratt - He acted in Jurassic World and I think he is an amazing action actor.
    9. Tom Cruise - He acted in the good movie Mission Impossible and is another great action actor.
    10. Tom Hanks - He has won heaps of awards in acting and a great actor in the movie Green Mile.

  37. 1: Adam Sandler
    2: Robin williams
    3: Robert Downey Jr.
    4: Will Smith
    5:Jennifer Aniston
    6:Jason Segel
    7: Dylan O'Brien
    8: Neil Patrick Harris
    9:Colin O'Donoghue
    10:Jennifer Morrison =)

  38. 1. Ranbir Kapoor
    2. Salman Khan
    3. Aamir Khan
    4. Salman Khan
    5. Shahrukh Khan
    6. John Abraham
    7. Johnny Depp
    8. Gerald Butler
    9. Tom Cruise
    10. Chris Hemsworth

  39. 1)Sandra bullock
    2)Jonny depp
    3)Terrence Howrard
    4)Taraji P. Henson
    5)Robin Willians
    6)Adam Sandler
    7)Paul Walker
    8)Brad Pitt
    9)Micheal Earl
    10)Nathaniel Potvin

  40. 1. Gary Oldman - he is very convincing in all biofilms I've seen him in.
    2. Michael Caine - I admire his passion in acting and how he shares his craft. I watch as much tutorials he has available online and they are very practical, easy and helpful.
    3. Anne Hathaway - she can be cute and pretty or poor and struggling and very powerful voice.
    4. Helena Bonham Carter - she's made for musical films.
    5. Angeli Bayani - I saw her in Norte and her eyes say a lot of emotions.
    6. Jim Carey - for me he created a comedy genre of his own and yet when he did Number 23, he wasn't really funny at all.
    7. Gina Pareno - indie or mainstream she delivers very well and even her movements are convincing.
    8. Gerald Anderson - because he started as this fil-am boy in showbiz and in a short span of time he was able to push himself to be able to get roles that is very far from the rich, english-talking boy-next door character.
    9. Leonardo Di Caprio - I really like him in The Aviator.
    10. Clint Eastwood - because of the films he directed especially Million Dollar Baby.

  41. I agree with your placement of Robin Williams, he was truly such a great actor and person all around.
    1. Audrey Hepburn- She's always been an inspiration of mine, her story is amazing.
    2. Johnny Depp- his ability to play multiple character types is astounding, truly a man who can do it all!
    3. George Clooney- did you know at one point, before he was famous, he lived in his friends walk-in closet? Look at where he is now... Crazy.
    4. Sandra Bullock
    5. Will Ferrell- his character cracks me up no matter who he's playing!
    6. Leonardo Dicaprio
    7. Halle Berry
    8. Rachel Mcadams
    9. Vanessa Hudgens- In my opinion she's played many different roles successfully, and she's able to switch from theatre to film relatively quickly.
    10. Billie Lourd - she's a fresh face! The daughter of the miss that played Princess Lea, I'm excited to see what her future has in store!

    1. Great to see Vanessa Hudgens on a list! I think she's underrated so I like that you put her on there! Excellent choices!

    2. I loved Vanessa Hudgens in HSM and Beastly. She was cool.

    3. I also agree with your choice and reason of Will Ferrell!! He's really good at comedy!!

  42. I like your list, I especially can see why Harrison Ford is on there!
    My list (loosely in order)
    10.Jack Nicholson- He manages to just be himself in each role, but it comes across different each time.
    9.Leonardo DiCaprio-Talented actor with a huge range ever since he was a kid
    8.Emily Kinney-Gentle presence and manages to convincingly play very young characters even into her thirties
    7.Seth Gilliam- Great range, manages to redeem and transform a character without completely changing him.
    6.Melissa McBride-Also can transform her character, the way she expresses anger, sadness, shock, etc, is very believable
    5.Steven Yeun- Originally had a different major in college, but switched it when he discovered how much he loved improv, goes to show you that sometimes people don't always know what talent they have.
    4.Norman Reedus- Talented actor who can play characters that are completely different from his actual personality
    3.Bryan Cranston- HUGE range (to go from a Hal on Malcolm in the Middle, to Walter White on Breaking Bad is insanely impressive)
    2.Aaron Paul-Shows people that you can;t teach talent! He has no training, yet is an Emmy Award winning actor
    1.Andrew Lincoln-Really connects to the audience and has delivered some of the most genuinely heartbreaking and emotional performances I've ever seen

  43. There's no disagreement in your list there. I can tell they are all fantastic actors.

    1. Rowan Atkinson- He's so talented! I love how he can let the audience know what message he's giving out with just actions!
    2. Charlie Chaplin- If I were in his time, I would admire him as much as Rowan Atkinson. He was so daring to do his own stunts!
    3. Dustin Hoffman- He was amazing in portraying an old character who have different backgrounds so each character have their own uniqueness.
    4. Benedict Cumberbatch- I just love him for acting as the perfect Sherlock Holmes.
    5. Johnny Depp- He can portray ANY character and each of them don't feel the same.
    6. Chloe Grace Moretz- She's young but she's already very good in getting into her character.
    7. Meryl Streep- Perfect. Just Perfect.
    8. Anne Hathaway- She's fun and lovable but sometimes she can be intimadating in her character.
    9. Scarlett Johannson- Boy, she can be sexy in any character. But she is really good at being the strong hero.
    10. Helena Bonham Carter- I love her acting style. It's unique. A bit like Meryl Streep

    1. I forgot all about Chloe Grace Moretz! She is phenomenal! Great list!

    2. Great choice of actors; there are some i totally forgot about them,also we only had ten so we couldn't list them all.

  44. These are in no particular order:
    Cate Blanchett- Her elf queen is impeccable
    Julianne Moore- She’s so versatile in her roles yet she always is every character she portrays.
    Jessica Lange- Big Fish, AHS and many others.
    Helena Bonham Carter- Knows her type of role and plays it well.
    Kathy Bates- I have never been more terrified of being loved than when she broke that poor writer's leg.
    Winona Ryder- Welcome Home Roxy Carmichael had me hooked. She was fantastic in Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and every other role I have seen her play as well.
    Jodie Foster- She's such a strong woman and it reflects in her work.
    Julia Roberts- When she laughs you can’t help but laugh. So down to earth and real in all her roles.
    Reese Witherspoon- Man In the Moon… enough said.
    Uma Thurman- Her long lean body in Kill Bill... yes, I was a bit jealous! Love that she is funny and tough.

    1. Nice choices. I totally agree and your reasoning is perfect.

  45. My top 10 actors and actresses are:
    Nina Dobrev- she ha such mazing emotion in the scenes. She once had to have a breakdown on camera because her character lost her brother and during the scene I felt like it was real. I felt the hurt and pain along with her.
    Jennifer Lawrence- when she played Katniss she made her so strong and related to the character as if she was really living in that moment.
    Cameron Diaz- She is a talented individual who plays every character she gets spot on.
    Stephen Amell- He is a funny and strong actor who never lets me down.
    Robbie Amell- He is so diverse and can take on any role
    Adam Sandler- he is really funy and always makes me laugh
    Joseph Morgan- he really feels like a villain but perfectly shows his characters soft side when needed.
    Maia Mitchell- she is a fun loving actress who is also a great singer.
    Katie Leclerc- she is half deaf but still is an amazing actress on a popular tv show.
    Danielle Campbell- she is a nice young girl who plays a strong and independent character.

  46. My top 10:
    (12: Tom Felton
    11: Logan Lerman)
    10:Liam Hemsworth
    9:Josh Hutcherson
    8:Daniel Radcliffe
    7:Jennifer Lawrence
    6:Emma Watson
    5:Anne Hathaway
    4:Chris Evans
    3:Brad Pitt
    2:Nicholas Cage
    1:Liam Neeson

    1. I like your choise of actors. Many young ones from which we will hear hopefully more in the future

  47. My favourite actors are:
    1. Helena Bonham Carter - I love the way her characters are the opposite of her sometimes and she still manages to make it like she's them. I also love her personality.

    2. Emma Watson - I think she is an amazing person and her acting is gorgeous.

    3. Hugh Jackman - He is extremely good at becoming the characters.

    4. Johnny Depp - he is a really good actor and has a nice style.

    5. Anne Hathaway - She never fails to surprise me with the amount of emotion she puts into her characters.

    6. Alan Rickman - Again, he really becomes his characters.

    7. Nicolas Cage - he has his own style.

    8. Mia Wasikowska - I think she puts a lot of effort into what she does.

    9. Ed Sanders - he literally made me think that he is at least half the way his character was in Sweeney Todd.

    10. Timothy Spall - he plays the best villain sidekicks ever.

  48. Matt Damon, Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Nicholas Cage, denzel Washington, johnny deep, Hugh Jackman, Robert Downey Jr, Eunice pinkard

  49. Leonardo di Caprio - the revenant speaks for itself
    Anne Hathaway - her diversity and dedication
    Will Poulter - new actor have enjoyed his development from comic actor to series in some of his recent work such us maze runner and revenant
    Heath Ledger - no explaination needed
    brie Larson - her recent performance in room was outstanding
    Jennifer Lawrence - i loved her in the huger games
    Eddie Redmayne - his recent portrayal of a cross dresser in the danish girl was outstanding
    Sam Claflin
    Charlize Theron
    Evan Peters

  50. my top ten favourite actors and why:
    1. Lee Mead
    Lee brings great characterisation to his roles. He is a passionate actor and you can see that in the personification of his characters. He played the role of Ben Chilern AKA Lofty in Casualty the BBC series. Whilst playing this role I connected with his character and I truly believed that he was a nurse and wanted to get further training to become lead nurse.
    2. Leonardo Dicaprio
    Leonardo captured my emotions in his role as Jack in the titanic. I was in tears when he was encouraging Rose to keep fighting the cold.
    3. Sierra Bogess
    I think Sierra has amazing passion for acting and that shows in her characterisation. Notably her role as Christine Daae where she was able to cry on demand on stage whilst singing 'Wishing you were somehow here again'.
    4. Joseph Gilgun
    He played Rudy in Misfits and he was playing multiple versions of himself and managed to distinguish them apart so well that I automatically knew which Rudy was talking before being told if it was Rudy one or Rudy two.
    5. David Tennant
    In his role of doctor Who he made me truly believe that he was an over eccentric time lord.
    6. Catherine-Zeta Jones
    Catherine brings a high level of energy to her characters, you always feel like you can relate to them.
    7. Lacey Turner
    Lacey is a brilliant actress who can portray any character given to her with such gusto that you remember the character almost more than her own name.
    8. Steven Segal
    Steven is an incredible actor who can take on powerful roles and pull it off no matter what the context.
    9. Sylvester Stallone
    He can make you believe any character is real because he channels himself through his characters rather than his character through him.
    10. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Arnie is a great actor because he is recognisable, he used his characters to make a name for himself that everyone will remember, all you need to hear is "I'll be back" and you know Arnold is around.

  51. 1. Bryan Cranston: Went from comedic roles to serious. This actor made me addicted to a series because of his story development. Amazing actor.
    2. Tom Cruise: I respect hard work and this guy does just that when it comes to acting. He completes all his own stunts and takes a strong role in the development of movies. Can play both drama and action, and always gives a great performance.
    3. Denzel Washington: One of my favourites. My top 2 for him are Remember the Titans and Flight. He was able to show his power at bringing out controversial topics that we deal with or have dealt with in everyday life. His acting is powerful and deep.
    4. Kathy Bates: Top class female actress who has taken on many roles. Best film, Misery.
    5. Tom Hanks: Always convincing in every role he plays, with a distinct voice, he can keep the role different in each film he does. Examples being Forrest Gump and Philadelphia.
    6: Jim Carrey: Although his comedies are not as funny, I still watch every movie this guy has made. He comes up with great facial expressions that make his movies so funny and it's something to admire as this is can really draw you into his roles.
    7. Liam Neeson: Very good actor, he has played some deep roles in the past but his new found resurgence as an action hero in his 50's shows that he can be diverse and act in whatever's needed.
    8. Scarlett Johannsson: Despite being the most attractive female I've ever seen, she has done well from becoming a child star developing into a top actress who can play serious roles and action films.
    9. Morgan Freeman: This guys is classic, the most recognizable voice in Hollywood. Tends to be tame and wise in most films, but this is necessary part in many films and he always makes an impact.
    10. Adam Sandler: Although not the greatest actor, he is another one who works hard at everything he does. Not only does he produce and write his films, he also creates a connection between each film as well. He's also attempted to go from comedy to drama and has done pretty well in the serious roles he's played.

  52. 1. Johnny Depp
    2. Dylan O'Brien
    3. Daniel Radcliffe
    4.Angelina Jolie
    5. Jared Padalecki
    6. Jensen Ackles
    7. Holland Roden
    8. Colin Morgan
    9. Charlie Brumbly
    10. Dylan Sprayberry

    My second favourite actor is Dylan O'Brien because he really knows how to get into the character, and when he's acting it really seems like the scene is real, and I'm really into what he is doing now, and I just love him!

    1. Yeah Dylan O'Brien is a good actor loved him in Maze runner.

  53. I don't agree or disagree with your top 10 actors list we are all entitled to our own opinion's and view's in life.
    Top 10 Actor's list
    1. Britt Robertson
    she was good in life unexpected and the secret circle.
    2.Tyler Posey
    because he was in Maid in Manhattan and that movie made me feel happy it also taught me you should never lie about who you are.
    3.Daniel Radcliffe
    He played the character harry with whom i used to have an obsession with great movie.
    4. Keanu Reeves
    because he played Neo in the matrix and i loved the movie it's
    5.Matt Dallas
    6.Hillary Duff
    Lizzie Mcguire was a funny and enjoyable tv show to watch.
    7. Halle Berry
    8. Theo James
    9.Robert de Niro
    10. Kat Graham

    1. I do agree with most of them on your list. I think I might have one in common with you but that shows that what we look for differs as much as our personalities do! ;-)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I also love Hilary Duff! She didn't make my top ten but I thought of her because she shaped my youth in Lizzie McGuire, much love to her!
      But you have a few movies listed that I'm not familiar with so I'm going to have to look them up, thanks for your list!

  54. 1. Meryl Streep
    2. Leonardo Decaprio
    3. James Spader
    4. Johnny Depp
    5. Freddie Highmore
    6. Samuel L Jackson
    7. Mark Ruffalo
    8. Denzel Washington
    9. Halle Berry
    10. Mia Wasikowska

    They have all played diverse rolls, from the archetype to something completely different.

  55. 1. Tom Hiddleston
    2. Liam Neeson
    3. Scarlet Johanson
    4. Johhny Depp
    5. Leonardo Dicaprio
    6. Chris Pratt
    7. Chris Evans
    8. Evan Peters
    9. Mia Wasikowska
    10. Helena Bonham Carter

    1. Really nice list. I love you have Helena Bonham Carter on it. I am going to watch more of her work!

  56. 1. Nina Dobrev.
    2. Paul Wesley.
    3. Ian Somerhalder.
    4. Johnny Depp.
    5. Leonardo DiCaprio.
    6. Adam Sandler.
    7. Indiana Evans.
    8. Evan Peters.
    9. Tassia Fandingo.
    10. Danielle Campbell.

    1 through 3 are some of my favorite actors because they really get into theirroles and I have been watching them since I was nine, on The Vampire Diaries.
    Leonardo DiCaprio has been my favorite for years, and shown me that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve anything.

  57. 1.Chloë Grace Moretz
    2.Orlando Bloom
    3.Tom Hanks
    4.Jason Statham
    5. Leonardo DiCaprio.
    6. Adam Sandler.
    7.John Travolta
    8.Evan Peters
    9.Tassia Frandingo

  58. This comment has been removed by the author.

  59. My top 10 actor list
    10. Kate winslet
    9. Morgan Freeman
    8. Jim Carrey
    7. Robert De Nerio
    6. Clint Eastwood
    5. Tom Hanks
    4. Samuel L Jackson
    3. Kevin Spacey
    2. Leonardo Dicaprio
    1. Heath Ledger

  60. 1.shahrukh khan
    2.hritik roshan diesel
    4.leonardo dicaprio
    5.ranveer singh
    6.tom cruise
    7.salman khan
    8.johny depp
    9.the rock
    10.akshay kumar

  61. These are my ten and not necessarily in this order:
    1. Tom Cruise
    2. Tom Hanks
    3. Tommy Lee Jones
    4. Brad Pitt
    5. Johnny Depp
    6. Kiera(?) Knightly
    7. Orlando Bloom
    8. Samuel L. Jackson
    9. Nicholas Cage
    10. John Travolta

  62. 1. will smith
    2. leonardo de caprio
    3. johnny depp
    4. amitab bachan
    5. nicholas cage
    6. angolina joli
    7. jenefer lawrance
    8. Robert Downey Jr.
    9. jim carry
    10. tom hanks

    1. Hi,
      I agree that Leo is a great actor. I loved him in The Aviator. He portrayed Howard Hughes, the eccentric, innovator billionare. His role made me want to research Mr. Hughes.

    2. I strongly agree with your list and wish I had added some to my own list. There are just too many to choose from.

  63. I do not have a particular hierarchy for my favorite actors. My list is comprised of the following:

    Vanessa Marcil is an emmy award actress but aside from the awards I fell in love with her character Brenda Barrett on the soap Opera General Hospital and also as Gina Kincaid on the show 90210. I've watched Vanessa Marcil discuss her life story interview on Lifetime. She was able to use her emotional scares developed by her abusive father, troubled childhood and teenage years as a vehicle to become a capitivating and influential actress.

    Gabriel Byrne - He has a confidence and mystique about him as an actor that makes him sexy and respectable as an actor. I really enjoyed him in End of Days as the devil and also as the priest in Stigmata. He alludes temptation and wisdom at the same time in his roles opposite of his female co-stars.

    Halle Berry is an actress that has a "tick". It means to me that her roles range from 0 to 60 in passion/vulnerability/rage/innocence. She has an edge as an actress which could probably result in her being placed in a mental ward or on stage receiving an academy award. I was mesmerized by Halle Berry in Queen, Introducing Dorothy Dandridge, and The Call.

    Humphrey Bogart is a great actor. I loved him Casablanca and Angels with Dirty Faces. He has an authentic coolness and sexy vibe as an actor. Of course, I enjoy when he portrays a gangster.

    Robert Duvall is another great actor.I ran into him once at a train station in Wisconsin. He behaved modest and humble. He was phenomenal in The Godfather and The Judge.

    Julianne Moore, I fell in love with her in the movie The Forgotten. She was convincing as depressed yet strong mother who stands in her convictions. She never lost the faith in that role. She was convincing from start to finish in that role.

    Denzel Washington is a great actor. Every film I have watched him in was incredible. He is a versatile actor. Some actors are typecast like Jennifer Aniston. Denzel Washington can portray a convincing crooked cop and a revoluntionary like Malcolm X. I remember reading once that Sidney Portier gave him advice on acting. Sindey said that the first role you take will set a domino path for your career.

    Nicholas Cage comes off as peculiar but very talented. He was great in The Knowing, Wicker Man, Face/Off, and The Family Man.
    Joan Crawford is amazing. She is among the great actors. She is tough on screen and a survivor. I am captivated by her signature role in Mildred Pierce.

    Ben Affleck was great in The Town. I believe he was also the director. His performance for Shakespeare In Love was good. Sometimes I believe he does not receive a lot of respect from his peers in the industry.

    I agree with your selection as Peter O' Toole being a great actor. I loved him as The Pope in The Tudors.

    1. You have made a great list. You describe very well and to the point the qualities of the actors you admire. You even make me reconsider Nicholas Cage ;)

  64. The actors that I value most are all a bit older. I guess the more years of experience they have, the better actors they become and the more pronounced characters they play. I love their strong personalities and unique style. They are very versatile and have a natural style of acting.

    I fear I don't know all of the actors on your list, I will check them out. Glad to see Dustin Hoffman at 1st place, he is on my list too, there is so much to learn from this wonderful actor. I was quite surprised to see Harrison Ford on your list, I would not have thought of him as a great actor, (I apologize mister Ford!), because I remember him very much as one and the same character. But, you changed my mind. And he has certainly been very, very influential, also in my life, I even became an archaeologist!. I will watch some more of him soon.

    I am curious about your top 10 of actresses though, mr. Larson

    My list in no particular order:

    Emma Thompson - Wonderful natural, honest style of acting and oh so witty;
    Meryl Streep - Very fierce and sophisticated. Wonderful how she plays characters that are difficult to love;
    Judy Dench - Very compassionate, strong and dignified, wonderful in plays of Shakespeare;
    Betty White - This is how I would want to be old! :)
    Dustin Hoffman - Just saw him in Perfume, totally different than I had ever seen him before, hilarious role!
    Christoph Waltz - Very unique, very humorous, detailed brilliance;
    Leonardo DiCaprio - Very versatile, and as mr. Candy in refined scary;
    Javier Bardem - Passionate, versatile, and most scary Bond villain;
    Kenneth Branagh - Brilliant, his role in Hamlett made me start watching Shakespeare's plays;
    Johnny Depp - Unique style but at the same time totally transforming every time.

    1. I almost forgot about Judy Dench. I agree with you. Judy was great as the queen in Shakespeare in Love. I really liked her as J.Edgar Hoover's mom in the movie J. Edgar. It seems like you identify with classic and refined actors..very nice Eva

  65. 3. Do you agree or disagree with any of the actors on my list?  Who are your top 10 favourite actors?  Explain why some of the actors are on your list.
    I haven’t seem any of those movies but heres my list
    1. Anna Chulmsky
    2. Robin Williams
    3. Martin Lawrence
    4. Chloe Grace Moretz
    5. Selena Gomez
    6. Lea Michele
    7. Adam DeVine
    8. Sofia Vergara
    9. Macaulay Culkin
    10. Tom Hanks

  66. 1. Leonardo DiCaprio - My all time favorite actor. His work is outstanding. He portrays all of his characters in true form.
    Robin Williams - This man's presence just gives me such a happy feeling. He was created to brighten this world and that is exactly what he did!
    Jennifer Aniston - Aniston is so classy! She is very versatile!
    Adam Sandler - All of Adam Sandler's movies give me such great laughs!
    Will Smith - Will Smith can play any role and dominate it.
    Denzel Washington - Denzel is amazing at his dramatic, tough guy roles!
    Sandra Bullock - she can do it all!
    Tom Hanks - He is a classic. He is one that can also do it all!
    Heath Ledger - I loved seeing his face on the screen. Just his look and presence gives a feeling of peace.
    Anne Hathaway - She is such a good role model!

  67. I'm freaking out here because there are way too many actors that I love. But, I did make a list of 10 that I love.
    1: Paul Bettany - Every role I have seen him play has been right on point.
    2: Jennifer Lawrence - She plays her roles well and she seems like she's a very real person that would be an awesome friend.
    3: Shailene Woodley - The roles I have seen her play were ones that were difficult to take on and she did it very well.
    4: Ian McKellen - From bad guy Magneto to good guy Gandalf. He has been a wonderful man.
    5: Johnny Depp - He has been great in all of his roles.
    6: Helena Bonham Carter - Most know her from Harry Potter and pretty much every Tim Burton movie. But I have seen her in Big Fish and I love how she can be nice and act like the villain when the camera is rolling.
    7: Keanu Reeves - Just love him.
    8: Vin Diesel - I think it is awesome that he can play the big tough guy. But we still all remember the babysitter role in The Pacifier.
    9: Dakota Fanning - She has been an inspiration to me for a long time.
    10: Ewan McGregor - I've seen him in a serious and a comedy roll. I love him all around.
    There are so many more that need to be on this list. I picked more like the top 10 to come to mind that I love.

    1. Agreed, It took me a long time to finally come up with ten of my favourite actors but it was also fun. Interesting list.

  68. Top 10 Actors/Actresses
    10.) Will Smith- He is very versatile in his acting he can play so many different parts from being funny, to serious, to sad, just such a good actor
    9.) Ryan Reynolds- Mostly plays funny roles and I feel as if he is very good at impromptu acting, as if he can impromptu a whole scene
    8.) Margot Robbie
    7.) Tom Hanks- He can play serious roles extremely well, a movie that's sticks out to me in this area is Captain Phillips. The way he portrays the captain while being held hostage is amazing.
    6.) Rachel McAdams
    5.)Tom Hardy- He can play such a nice character and such an evil character
    4.) Denzel Washington
    3.)Johnny Depp
    2.) Robert De Niro
    1.) Leonardo Dicaprio- Has starred in so many great movies throughout the years all playing completely different roles and doing such a great job with all of them is just superb

  69. My top 10 actors:

    10. Cameron Diaz - She's just so funny, and she always puts me in a good mood.
    9. Sasha Pieterse - I love her perfomance in ''Pretty Little Liars''. She fits perfectly as Alison, and she shows so many different sides of the character.
    8. Blake Lively - I thought she was gorgeous in ''The Age of Adelaine''
    7. Brad Pitt
    6. Rachel McAdams - I think it's cool how she can play both the mean girl (mean girls) but also the loving and beautiful woman (the Vow or The Notebook).
    5. Jennifer Lawrence - I loved her in the Hunger Games, she really was believable as Katniss.
    4. Meryl Streep - I've always loved Meryl, not just as an actor, but also as the person she is.
    3. Tom Hanks - He did a great job in Forest Gump, which is one of my favorite movies.
    2. Julia Roberts - I think she is a very strong actress.
    1. Leonardo DiCaprio - he really made me tear up in titanic. He's very believable as the character, he is put up to portray.

    1. Great list, Cameroon Diaz is truly funny and free spirited. i also like Sasha and Julia Roberts they are great actresses.

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  71. My top 10 actors
    1. Dakota johnson
    2. Shailene woodley
    3. Jennifer lopez
    4. Jennifer lawrence
    5. Cameron diaz
    6. Selena gomez
    7. Raven symone
    8. Leonardo dicaprio
    9. Justin timberlake
    10. Mila kunis
    What i think they all have in common is they all have done so many good movies and they are all great actors who made me want to watch more of their movies . They are just very skilled people and they are all my favorite .

  72. 1: Jenifer Lawence,
    2: Johnny Depp,
    3: Ann Hathaway,
    4: Eddie Redmayne
    5: Amanda Seyfried
    6: Justin Timberlake
    7: Jessica Alba
    8: Hugh Jackman
    9: Isabelle Allen
    10: Josh Hutcherson

    1. looking at your list,only Jennifer Lawrence and Johnny depp made it on my list. I also think that Jessica, Ann, Amanda and Hugh are amazing.Great list.


  73. 1. John Hurt - He is a powerful actor and has an incredible voice. He has been in the industry for what seems like forever and he still impresses. I like his performance in Merlin and Harry Potter.

    2. Will Smith- He is a great and successful actor. I have been a fan from since I was young.

    3. Angela Bassett-She can take any role and never fails to impress. I like her in Akeelah and the bee and on Jumping the broom.

    4. Johnny Depp - Humorous, I love almost all Johnny Drop movies. I like how he brought humor in The lone ranger and Pirates of Caribbea.

    5. Orlando Bloom- I think that he is one of the best actors in Epic/historical, fantasy and adventure movies. Whether the role is a small one or a big one he managed to stand out like his performance in The hobbit, The lord of the rings and in Pirates of Caribbea.

    6. Taraji P Henson- Girl can act. She can be funny and dramatic too. Her performance in Person of interest and Think like a man shows just how good she is.

    7. Keira knightely - She has this lively spirit within her, it makes her performance very real. She makes me watch with King Arthur over and over again.

    8.Scarlett Johansson- She does super hero acting so well, I like her performance in Lucy and The Avengers.

    9.Jennifer Lawrence- I would like to call the best action actress, she earned it, especially through her performance in The Hunger Games.

    10. Lupita Nyong'o- I first saw her in Twelve years a slave and thought she was amazing.

  74. Jennifer Lawrence,Matt Damon,emma stone , Lindsey lohan, Jonny depp,John stamos, those are my most favorite

  75. 1) Emma Watson
    I began to love her because of ther role as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series. I don't know she kind of represents the kind of woman I want to be. Standing up for yourself and being independent. In all her movies I can inagin her to be the character she is playing. She can play such a sweet little girl (ballet shoes) and also the warrior she is in her role as Hermoine.

    2) Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence is an individual for herself. I mean her acting skills are terrific. But I like her because she says exactly what she is thinking and doesn't bother what other people think about her.

    3) Alan Rickman
    I guess I doesn't really need to explain why I love him so much. I guess nearly everyone fell in love with him as Professor Snape.

    4) Harrison Ford
    Harrison Ford is kind of my childhood crush. We all know him as Han Solo from Star Wars or Indiana Jones.

    5) Hugh Jackman
    I am a big fan of the X-Men and he is my favourit actor from all of them.

    6) Peter Dinklage
    A year ago I started Game of Thrones (I know pretty late) and I immediatly started to love this character.

    7) Robin Williams
    Everyone loves Robin Williams. I really love his humor and I really loved him as Peter Pan.

    8) Robert Downey Jr.
    I don't know if I love this actor just because of his role of Iron man or not. But he is a really good Iron man.

    9) Dylan O’Brian
    I would say nearly every teenage girl will say that thay love Dylan O'Brian. He got famous because of his role as Stiles in Teen Wolf and his role in Mazerunner.

    10) Adam Sandler
    His movies make me laugh when I am sad.

  76. Leonardo DiCaprio
    Tom Hanks
    Brad pitt
    Johnny Depp
    Matt Damon
    Robert De Niro
    Will Smith
    Morgan Freeman
    George Clooney
    Tom Cruise

    1. I like your list, you mentioned a lot of actors I love! Stay positive Fiddle Storm!

  77. i just like 3 actresses
    .3. Sabrina carpenter i really like her as an actress and a singer
    .2. Jennifer lawrence i like her too cuz all of her movies are so original
    .1. And rowan blanchard i liked the most her tv show girls meet world cuz i really like comedy show

  78. •My Top 10 List:
    •1Helena Bonham Carter
    Another one of my favorites she is absolutely fantastic, I've put her slightly above Emma because I have seen her in more films and have more to work with but I love these two about the same they are both two of my favorites. She can play a variety of different roles, she made a funny Fairy Godmother in Cinderella she played it wonderfully it was a bit different even everybody who has already seen Cinderella you would wonder what is going to happen next she wasn't in it as much as she has been in other films but I thought she was really good in this. One of the main things I have seen her in is of course Harry Potter playing as Bellatrix, I've already mentioned how I though it was wonderful she was able to play 2 characters at once when she was acting as Hermione acting as her herself and she pulled it off brilliantly. As well as her main role actually just being herself she really knew and got into character well and did her role successfully to become a character people dislike, in a good way as she played a bad person but her actual part in this film I though was also great. I've also seen her in Charlie and the chocolate factory, Alice in wonderland and heard her in Corpse Bride, all of these were good they are films you can watch and never get bored of and it shows there is some good acting. She can play so many different roes and still get into character for each.
    •2Emma Watson
    As I've already said, I absolutely love Emma Watson she is a real role model for me, but about hr acting, I love how into character she gets and how professional she is about her work. I can watch the Harry Potter Series and Noah over and over again, I have seen her in others but these I think were some of her best, I can't wait to see her in Beauty and the Beast, how much emotion she has in incredible and it shows she really knows her character and it's as if it's really her she really draws you into the films and what is happening and makes you feel the same emotions, and she is one of them actresses that make you excited for what will come and what new performances they will be in. she has so much talent she has a nice singing voice, can cry laugh when needed to, get into character, put on different accents she is just all round great.
    •3Johnny Depp
    He is again another versatile actor like Helena and plays lots of different kinds of roles and managing to get into character well, His characters are usually funny and serious, He played the Wolf in Into the Woods, the Mad Hatter in Alice, Edward Scissorhandds in well Edward Scissorhands, Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate factory. i'd considering these to be a different type of character unusual unique but he has a uniqueness about him and can pull off different characters and plays them well. He has also played Captain Jack in pirates of the Caribbean a film series that is still being made now I believe they are on their 5th one and with video games too, he plays the made character ad its so unique and strangely lovable that we want to watch more he is a very good actor and you never get bored of him or films he is in.

  79. •My Top 10 Continued
    •4David Tennant
    My favorite thing David Tennant was in was the TV Series Doctor Who, he is to date my favorite doctor, I just though he brought so much character being the doctor It was a change, fun and serious. He was so into character and used alot of emotion happy serious crying you could see he has some kind of connection with his character and knew it well. He has also acted in the Nativity 2 playing both the roles of Donald and Roderick I think this was great of him to be able to play 2 roles, these guys were supposed to be twins but they are like th total opposite so for him to be able to play 2 different roles in the same firm was good and to be able to get into character and play them both well was what ranks him high although it is Doctor Who I liked him the most in he played well in other roles. He also acted In St Trinian's he played the role of Lord Pomfrey it was sort of a similar role to what he played Roderick as in the Nativity 2 and he also did this well. Another one of my favorite roles of his, is in Harry Potter when he played Bartemius aka Barty Crouch Junior. It was a smaller role than the others he was not in it for much but I think he played this role very well because it is different t the other kinds of roles he does it shows he is versatile can play different roles and get to know and be different characters.
    •5Meryl Streep
    She is very versatile and I love all of the films she is in, I love the Devil wears Prada, and Mamma Mia was great it really makes you want to sing along, there has been other things I have seen her in but basically she just does a wonderful performance every time, she really gets into to character and you can tell looking at her she isn't afraid to look silly (she never does)she is strong and confidant it's just the impression she gives off, she just has so much natural talent both is acting and singing.
    •6Heath Ledger
    I would have placed •Robin Williams• at number 6, but having already given my thought about him answering to your list I don't have anything else to say he is just brilliant, so next on my list i'll give number 6 to •Heath Ledger•. I love the movies I have seen him in, A Knight's Tale, is one of my favorite films of all time along with Harry Potter, I love this film I can watch it over and over he plays William so well and it's like he is he actual character to show so much emotion and determination like it's really him you can never get bored of his acting, he was in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus as Tony quite a serious role which was also played by a couple of other people, he played a very convincing character,I've also seen him in The Dark Knight he played an amazing Joker that everybody remembers or knows even if they have not seen the film, he is good at improvisation and playing a wide range of characters.
    •7Kate Winslet
    This woman was absolutely fantastic in Titanic she made it seem so real and was really so in character she gave off a lot of emotion that made us feel it too by the end of the film I was crying and I do every time even when I know the story because she let's you connect with the character very well played. I have also seen her in the Divergent and Insurgent series, she played this role very well too and was very in character and made you not like her but in a good way her being one of the bad people as for her actual acting it was great.
    •8Elijah Wood
    He is in one of my favorite version of Oliver Twist, and it is one of my favorite versions, because he was in it. he made the character of Dodger charming and unique to the other Dodgers in other ones, he is quite versatile in the films he plays and can put on accents when needed. I also loved him in The Lord of The Rings one of my favorite Trilogies, these films are very very long And for him to have played the Character of Frodo for so long and so consistently was great and to give of real emotion too He really had some kind of connection with his character.

  80. •My Top 10 Continued
    •9Martin Freeman
    Another one of my favorite Trilogies is The Hobbit, absolutely love Martin playing Bilbo I liked the humor that The Hobbit had in it and I think that Martin made the Character of Bilbo his own and very funny at times also serious at others, I have also seen him in the Nativity this was also very funny he brings a lot of humor to films but can also be serious he is quite versatile
    •10Orlando Bloom
    I thought that he played a fantastic Legolas In both the Lord of The Rings and The hobbit to be able to stay in character for this amount of time and be so consistent I think is great Legolas is one of my favorite in these films, I thought also he played very well in Pirates of the Caribbean he has appeared in 3 of them and played a great character he showed a lot of emotion in these films and made Will have some humor he played very well.

    1. Wow you had to comment 3 times!! great! I love helena bohan Carter as your first choice. Shes definitely a character.

  81. 10. Denzel Washington
    9. Angela Bassett
    8. Leonardo DiCaprio
    7. Brad Pitt
    6. Angelina Jolie
    5. Will Smith
    4. Jada Pinkett Smith
    3. Taraji P. Henson
    2. Jamie Foxx
    1. Halle Berry

    2. Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx is one of my favorite actors. I love him in the movies such Ray (Ray Charles bio) and Ali (Muhammad Ali's bio). In both movies, I can watch Jamie's performance in the film twice. Both movies were musical, high drama, and humorous. I tell Jamie went through some serious method acting. In many bio film's there not as good but "Ray" and "Ali" are the greatest of all time.:) Another great actor is 9. Angela Bassett in What's Love Got To Do With It. Yes, Tina Turner bio pic is outstanding and a tearful.

    1. oh i forgot JAMIE!! haha i love him too!!

  82. 1. Jennifer Lawrence- Hunger games
    2. Emma Stone- i like her in "the help" and "easy a"
    3. Jessica Chastain
    4. Zac Efron
    5. Chris Hemsworth
    6. Zendaya maree. I like her action. A disney actress. I love her energy.
    7. Ryan carbin
    8. Anna Kendrick. Pitch perfect
    9. Angela robinson

  83. 10. Tika Sumpter. Have and have not

  84. 1. Jared Leto - It's phenomenal how versatile Jared is. From "Requiem for a dream" where he plays as a drug addict, to "Dallas buyers club" where he plays a different gender. I admire his concentration & ability to bring a character to life.
    2. Scarlett Johansson - I love how versatile Scarlett is. Well known for the avengers & Lucy. "Lost in translation" & "Under the skin" are both perfectly executed films and my favorites from her. From her articulate gestures, to Scarlett's impressive accents, she is definitely one of my favorite actress.
    3. Brad Pitt - A true veteran who has formed his craft, an excellent actor.
    4. Josh Peck - Josh is genuinely funny and I enjoy watching anything he's, especially in "Drake & Josh"
    5. Tye Sheridan - Still in his adolescence and yet such a powerful actor. He's a great motivator for me since we're around the same age. Starring in critically acclaimed films like "The tree of life" "Mud" "Joe"
    6. Jim Carrey - His unorthodox personality and the content of his character inspire me. Jim Carrey was amazing in "Eternal sunshine of a spotless mind"
    7. Tom Hardy
    8. Matthew Machinery
    9. Aaron Paul
    10. Michael B Jordan

  85. 1. Nina Dobrev –The vampire Diaries, Final Girls and Let’s be cops – She performs really well and she really knows what she is doing. The first time I saw her act in the vampire diaries, I thought she had potential and kept following her ever since.
    2. Ruby Rose- Orange is the new black; She done her role pretty well although she was there for a couple of episodes, she still made an impression.
    3. Emma Stone- Easy A , Spiderman ;
    3. Leah pipes- The originals
    4. Ian Somerhalder-The Vampire Diaries, The Anomaly
    5. Paul Wesley
    6. Orlando Bloom; Pirates of the Caribbean , Lords of the rings and Hobbit; Orlando bloom is one of the most amazing actors, he can take a character and make it his own being, he brings it to life ay character given.
    7. Laura prepon – Ornage is the new Black
    8. Johnny Depp- Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, Charlie and the Choco Factory and much more.
    9. Sofia Vergara-Hot Pursuit, Modern Family
    10. Andrew Garfield- Spiderman

    1. I totally agree with you on Nina Dobrev, she really has potential! :)

  86. 10. Jenna Coleman- She was really great in all the movies I have seen with her in it.
    9. Matt Smith- Every time there is a sad moment in Doctor Who he always makes me cry. He would always make me smile. That is why he is one of my favorite doctors in Doctor Who.
    8. Jennifer Lawrence- She is really funny and says what's on her mind. She was outstanding in Joy. I saw the struggle,sadness, and happiness.
    7. Shailene Woodley- She was amazing as Tris and she started acting at a young age and I was impressed.
    6. Chloe Grace Moretz- She was great in If I Stay. She was so believable. I love all the movies she was in like my favorite in the 5th Wave.
    5. Tom Hanks- He was brilliant in forest gump. Before I knew about him I thought he talked like that but he didn't which made me surprised.
    4. David Tennant- He is my second favorite doctor in Doctor who. I was amazed this acting when I first watched Doctor who he is the one who made me love Doctor who.
    3. Johnny Depp- He would play different kinds of characters and nail them. He doesn't always look the same in every movie. It is almost like he is transferred into someone else.
    2. Meryl Streep- Has a beautiful voice. I mostly see her in musicals and she is always amazing. She is an excellent actress.
    1. Robin Williams- I love the different voices he does. Like that scene in Mrs. Doubtfire when they transform him and he does different voice to see which one would be the perfect nanny.

    1. them are all good actors and actresses

  87. Quality Performances

    1.Liam Neeson - His acting puts me on edge! He's very strong and brings the action out.
    2.Denzel Washington - I thinks he is very veratile. can many different roles
    3.Jennifer Lawrence - Love her because she truly brings the charaters to life!
    4.Leonardo Dicaprio
    5.Chadwick Boseman
    6,Ralph Fiennes
    7.Will Smith
    8.Angelia Jolie
    9.Helena Bonham Carter - Love all of her tricky evil roles.
    Cameron Diaz

    1. Wow, everyone is has Jennifer Lawrence on their list including me. She truly is an amazing actor!! :)

  88. 1. Debbie Ryan- I like her because she does great at acting in all of her movies.
    2. Zac Effron
    3. Norman Reedus- I really like norman reeduses acting in The Walking Dead he does great in it and playes the perfect part.
    4. Adam Sandler
    5. Dove Cameron
    6.Will Smith
    7. Tom Hanks- He is a perfect example of a good actor he is one of the ones who influenced me to become a actor he does awsome in very movie that he has played a part in.
    8.Brad Pitt
    9.Jim Carry
    10.Selena Gomez

    1. Wow Tom Hanks I totally a agree with that. He was pretty fantastic in a in all of his films

    2. I agree with Norman Reedus I feel like he plaus6his part so well. Brad Pitt does and outstanding job in most of his films!

  89. Wow what a challenge to sum up my favourite actors in a list of only 10! I've struggled with this list, and I will probably curse myself and change my mind again as soon as it is posted but here we go.

    10= James McAvoy, outstanding in Last King of Scotland, and X-men, but the performance that moves me to tears every time is Atonement.
    9= Hugh Jackman, an accomplished and versatile actor on stage and screen. The performance that stands out most is Les Miserables.
    8= Sir Ian McKellen, I cannot imagine a better Gandalf, and such an amazing star of the stage.
    7= Emma Watson, of course played an amazing Herminone, a character that I already connected with on some levels from reading the book. She literally and emotionally grew up through this role. Perks of being a wallflower is also a personal favourite.
    6= Eddie Redmayne, one of the amazing actors who has appeared as if from no-where whilst doing Les Miserables, a truly touching performance. But the performance that took my breath away every time It was as Steven Hawking in The Theory of Everything, being able to play such an iconic person, and make it believable must have been such a challenge and he did a magnificent job.
    5= Jennifer Lawrence, purely for the fact at she is an amazing actress with the not so stereotypical body type.
    4= Benedict Cumberbatch, was amazing as Khan in Star Trek into darkness, but as Smaug in The Hobbit films, I just had chills. He has the gift of an extraordinary voice and he always delivers on an emotional level.
    3= Leonardo Di Caprio, should have won an Oscar far sooner than he did, in particular his role in Django Unchained stuck in my mind, but just an all round great actor.
    2= Scarlett Johanson, an icon and her role in The Avengers Films as the Black Widow was an inspiration to me. For. Woman with. Deeper voice she had to prove her abilities and I love that.
    1= Mark Ruffalo. Having not seen much of Mark before the Avengers I was not aware of his true level of talent. After the Avengers I saw him in 13 going on 30 which was a lovely performance. He is my favourite actor at the moment because of his range and his ability to communicate the intricate stories of so many very different characters. To name a few films that stood out: Infinitely Polar Bear, The Normal Heart, and Spotlight. All of which moved me in so many ways.

    1. I love Mark Ruffalo, and Jennifer Lawrence too! I think both of them are amazing actors! :)

  90. Mine would have to be...

    Sandra bullock- She does an amazing job expressing her emotions and getting into her character.

    Morgan Freeman- He does an amazing job! He is so inspiring! He and who ever he ends up with in the cast he works so well with the people around him. He is also great at getting into character.

    Angelina Jolie- She works very well with those around her. She is also great at getting into character and showing her emotions through the film.

    Kate winslet- I feel like in her films she does so well with having an emotional character. She is great with getting her emotions through the charcter.

    Jennifer Lawrence- I feel like she does a great job of making everything seems so real. She gets so emotionally invested in her characters.

    Leonardo Dicaprio- He is a great actor
    Not to mention he won the academy award for the best actor.

    Brie Larson- She is a great actress she is very funny! She does a great job grasping her character. She also won the academy award for the best actress.

    Mark Wahlberg- He is very funny. He is also anot amazing daredevil. He is great when trying to get into a charcter!

    Alycia Debnam-Carey- She is so great when getting into a character. She is also anot amazing daredevil as she did all of her own stunts.

    Eliza taylor- She does so great with a character. She gets so emotionally invested with her character. It's amazing how well she can channel her emotions through the charcter.

    Most of mine have to do how well they can get into character. How well they can use their emotions and direct it through the charcter. I feel like that is what is most important.

    1. I really loved your list and how you explained everything clearly! :)

    2. I love your list and i agree with you on Angelina Jolie, she really does show her emotions through her movies...

  91. My top 10 favorite actors and why I picked them (they are not in any order):
    1. Kat Graham (from The Vampire Diaries)- I love Kat because she brings the whole show to life. I personally think she is the best actor out of everyone in the cast!
    2. Chandra Wilson (From Greys Anatomy)- I really love Chandra, I think she stays in character very well and plays her role beautifully!
    3. Patrick Dempsey (also from Greys Anatomy)- I think the show Greys Anatomy has lots of good actors but Patrick Dempsey is especially good! When I watch him act it’s like he’s not acting. It’s like it is all real, and that is what makes a show or movie great!
    4. Annalise Basso (from the movie Standing Up)- Annalise is a wonderful actor! When you watch her she brings you into the show or movie. She makes you think your there with her.
    5. Chandler Canterbury (also from Sanding Up)- I thought that Chandler was an amazing actor! He works really good with the cast which makes the viewing experience 100 times better!
    6. Johnny Depp (He is in a lot of movies one which being, Pirates of the Caribbean)- I love Johnny, in every single movie he does. I think he is a great actor and I really love him! There has never been a movie (with him in it) that I did not like.
    7. Adam Sandler (also in a lot of movies one which being, 50 First Dates)- I think Adam is one of the best actors of all time! He is very funny and is over all an amazing actor!
    8. Katherine McNamara (from Shadow Hunters)- I think Katherine is a pretty good actor as well. I love all the movies and shows I see her in!
    9. Jason Earles (I have seen him in a few shows such as, Hannah Montana)- I think he is a very good actor and very funny too, and I love funny actors!
    10. Jennifer Lawrence (from a lots of movies one being, Xmen)- I love Jennifer and I know I have been saying that about everyone but it’s so true. Jennifer is a wonderfully great actor! She is one of my top favorite actors! Again with her it’s like she’s not acting, it is like it’s all real! :)

  92. --Denzel Washington: After I learned about Malcolm X and the Nation if Islam I wanted know more about his story so I watched the movie 'Malcolm X' and what I saw that day will never be erased from my mind. Washington's performances can't be forgotten.
    --Meryl Streep: She haa not only inspired me as an actor but also as a human being. Not remaining on ground when your wings are cut is what I have learned from her.
    --Shah Rukh Khan: This man ignites the fire of wanting to be an actor every time this movie comes. Even if he is the bad guy he makes sure that people hate his character and love his acting.
    --Helena Bonham Carter: She is the female Johnny Depp and is the best. She can do anything and everything with her characters. Even her act in the song 'Brand New Day' is great.
    --Sandra Bullock: She gets into the character so well that it's hard to think of her as an actor and makes me believe that she is the character in real life too!
    --Tom Hanks: I don't think I can say anything about him. He's just great, maybe the greatest for me.
    --Amitabh Bachchan: He is not just an 'angry young man' he is much more than that. He is the honest politician in 'Satyagraha', the doleful father in 'Wazir', the kid suffering from progeria in 'Paa' and many more. He can make people cry and laugh even without saying any word.
    --Edward Norton : This man makes me believe that acting is not easy and if done perfectly then it can have a great impact.
    --Anupam Kher: Sir Kher has done more than 490movies, amazing movies. His comic roles make it impossible for us to not to like his work.
    --Kate Winslet : She is the most mesmerizing actress for me and I've loved her in every movie that I've seen. She can be the damsel in distress, powerful royalty as well as a crazy person in her movies.

    1. You have some great actors I didnt even think about. Part of the problem trying to pick only 10, it has a lot to do with who I have seen lately and have recently thought about.

  93. I agree in part I think Ben Kingsley is amazing in everything and he has such varied role that it is really fun. I have never been a fan of Charlie Chaplin, while I acknowledge that he was a pioneer of his time and rules were different with silent films but I never really connected with the absurdity and over exaggeration of his style.

    My top 10 would probably be (right now anyway)
    - Josh Hartnett - I wish he was in more.
    - Stanley Tucci – his delivery and minor but notable quirks to differentiate characters are great
    - Steve Buscemi
    - Morgan Freeman
    - Bruce Willis
    - Helen Mirren
    - John Malkovich
    - Meryl Streep
    - Allison Janney
    - Peter Dinklage

    1. John Malkovich is right on point. I loved him in Rounders and he took Con Air to a different level.

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  95. 1. Richard Gere - I admire him in Pretty Woman. Richard has that gentleman charm, and it comes in his acting.
    2. Idris Elba - I never knew he was English
    3. Will Smith- great actor since fresh prince
    4. Brad Pitt - Troy, i never get tired of watching it.
    5. Angelina Jolie - she can be dangerous, lovely and funny at the same time
    6. Majid Michel- he can be a gangster and a priest at the same time.
    7. Genevive Nnaji - she triggered the acting passion in me.
    8. Tyler Perry (Good Deeds)
    9. Julia Roberts (pretty Woman)
    10. Jamie Foxx - (Annie)

  96. Doug Larson's list was great, and a couple of his selections also made my list.
    10. Dustin Hoffman - When you can transform yourself into the characters played in Tootsie and Hook, you'd make any top 10.
    9. Jim Carrey
    8. John Travolta - The role of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction has really inspired me to become an actor. His early days dancing ability also makes him a dual threat.
    7. Will Smith
    6. Val Kilmer - Doc Holliday in Tombstone.
    5. Tom Cruise
    4. Adrien Brody
    3. Tom Hanks - He becomes any character he plays. Even made us love Woody in Toy Story just with his voice.
    2. Robert De Niro
    1. Daniel Day-Lewis- His role of Daniel Plainview in There Will Be Blood showed the focus and passion it takes to transform yourself into a flawless character.

  97. I have many different categories for 'Favorite Actors/Actresses', but my 'Most-Talented Actors List' would be:

    10. Cara Delevigne- I was glad to hear that Cara expanded her career to acting, and I really loved her acting in "Paper Towns". I can't wait to see her play in "Suicide Squad"!

    9. Emma Watson- The perfect Hermione for me (and all the Potterheads, I guess). Even though she didn't look like book Hermione, she definitely acted like her.

    8. Dylan O'Brien- As I said on a previous lesson, I really like the way he embraces the character he portrays, and, eventually, he doesn't even portray the character anymore; he becomes the character.

    7. Emma Roberts- I don't know about you, but I loved her both in "Scream Queens" and "American Horror Story".

    6.Scarlett Johanson- An excellent actress. I loved all her roles. The PERFECT Black Widow. That's all I can say.

    5. Mark Ruffalo- I loved him way before I started watching the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) films. I first saw him in "Now You See Me" back in 2013 and waited 3 years just to see him (along with Dave Franco, Morgan Freeman-another excellent actor-, Jesse Eisenberg and many more actors) in "Now You See Me 2" this month.

    4. Evan Peters- I loved him in "American Horror Story", and I watched "X-Men: Apocalypse" just to see him portray a very beloved character, Quicksilver. That was when I 'fell in love with the X-Men movies.

    3. Jennifer Lawrence- I adored watching her portray Katniss in "The Hunger Games" movies. She's a very talnted actress. I also enjoyed watching her portray Mystique in the "X-Men" movies.

    2. Chris Evans- Famous actor, mostly known for portraying Steve Rogers/Captain America in the MCU. I really love that guy.

    1. Sebastian Stan- Favorite actor of all times. I enjoyed watching the movies he played in, such as the 3 Captain America movies (I hope that some day he finally gets his own Winter Soldier movie), "The Martian", The "Black Swan", etc.

    1. Also, actors that didn't make it to the list but can't be uncredited are: Robert Downey Jr, Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, Josh Hutcherson, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Jessica Lange, Daniel Redcliffe, Taissa Farmiga, Will Poulter and many more

  98. Not in any specific order:
    Tom Hiddleston
    Harrison ford
    Meryl Streep
    James McAvoy
    Hugh Jackman
    Scarlett Johanson
    Tom Hanks
    Jim Carrey
    Sebastion Stan
    Johnny Depp

  99. No specific order
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Denzel washington
    Will smith with performances like the ones in 7 pounds & the pursuit of happiness how could I not include him.
    Jake Gyllenhaal loved him & admired his dedication in southpaw
    Robert downey jr. Never seen a bad movie with him in it.
    Curtis jackson admired his dedication & surprisingly good performance in all things fall apart
    Zach galifianakis very funny
    Kathryn prescott enjoyed finding carter
    Hugh laurie phenomenal actor, has to my favorite
    Dwayne johnson

  100. I am young so my actors/actresses may be different from everyone else's.

    10. Mary Kate/Ashley Olsen- They were amazing in Full House even at such an early age.

    9. Reese Witherspoon- AMAZING

    8. Emma Roberts

    7. Anna Kendrick

    6. Dakota Johnson

    5. Shailene Woodley

    4. Ben Savage- Boy Meets World AND Girl Meets World

    3. Rowan Atkinson


    1. Rowan Blanchard- MY FAVORITE. She really plays all her characters well. And she actually is the character.

  101. Who are my top ten favorite actors.
    1- Nash Grier, he has one movie out and he started in it and he shows how much he cares, and how much he is willing to work.
    2- Cameron Dallas, he is just so funny and a wonderful actor.
    3- Lea Michele, she is just wonderful in all of her T.V shows.
    4- Sam Clafin, he just shows all the emotions in all of his movies.
    5- John Travolta, he is great in all of his movies.
    6- Ryan Reynolds, he is just a great actor.
    7- Kevin Hart, he is just so funny.
    8- Zac Efron, he is just an interesting actor because none of his move are the same kind or type of movie.
    9- Hilary Duff, she is just a good actress.
    10- Jennifer Garner, she is a pretty put together actress.

  102. 10.) Shailene Woodley: her acting in the Divergent series was superb, and we can't forget The Fault in our Stars or Secret Life of the American Teenager.
    9.) Anna Kendrick: Pitch Perfect was awesome, and the sequel was even better, thanks to Anna Kendrick.
    8.) Sissy Spacek: her portrayal of Carrie White was amazing, considering she was playing a 17 year old girl when she was around the age of 30.
    7.) Lucy Hale: I'm on season 5 of Pretty Little Liars, and I haven't found any flaws in her acting of Aria Montgomery.
    6.) Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series ever and Daniel captured the character perfectly.
    5.) Lucille Ball: She's an old one, but she's a great one. I Love Lucy is one of my favorite TV shows of all time.
    4.) Jennifer Lawrence: In my opinion, if anyone else had played Katniss Everdeen, I wouldn't have enjoyed the movies as much.
    3.) Zoey Deutch: Let's just say, she is Rose Hathaway.
    2.) Sasha Pieterse: Another PLL character, just because I can. The fact that Sasha auditioned for the role of Alison DiLaurentis at the age of 12 really inspired me.
    1.) Chloë Grace Moretz: My two favorite movies that she has started in are Carrie (2013) and If I Stay. She plays a shy teenager in both of those, but she can really act out those sad scenes, the happy scenes, and the oh my gosh what just happened scenes. She is my favorite actor because of those reasons, and has really inspired me to keep moving forward.
    Do you agree or disagree on my list?

  103. 1) Densel Washington
    2) Owen Wilson
    3)Angelina Jolie
    4)Meryl Streep
    5) Sylvester Stallone
    6) Vin Deisel
    7) Dwayne The Rock Johnson
    8) Jennifer Lawrence
    9) Ryan Reynolds
    10) Jennifer Garner

    Jessica Nabizadeh

  104. I have watch a lot of movie and i love those actors and actress but they are not my top favorite actors and actress. So right now i dont know.

  105. 1)Emma Watson-She played Hermione in the Harry Potter movies, Hermione is the character that I associate to most from the golden trio and Emma claims that she can associate to Hermione and she played her role very well. Emma is my favorite actor of all time, she is my idol and I want the same attention that she gained.

    2) Tom Felton-he is a bad guy and played Draco Malfoy, another character in HP that I love. He played a villain and he enjoyed it, I admire that.

    3) Kristen Stewart

    4) Jennifer Lawrence- she played the badass Katniss Everdeen in the hunger games (one of my favorite books and movies). She is famous and reminds me a little of myself.

    5) Alan Rickman- he was a very good actor one of the best I have seen, and he is, according to his co-stars and other people who knew him a very good person too.

    6) Daniel Radcliffe- a perfect actor who played the main character in my favorite movies. He is well known and funny, I like him as a person too.

    7) Ian Somholder- He is a good actor and played my favorite character in TVD

    8) Nina Dobrev- she did really prove her acting skills in TVD where she played som many different characters that looked exactly alike.

    9) willow Shields

    10) Mary Kennedy- She was the one who made me think about being an actor, she was the first one who inspired me to the world of acting.

  106. 1) Shay Mitchell- She is my fav fav fav, also my idol. She’s beautiful, has a great personality, and very talented. I would love to work with her one day.
    2) Zendaya- She is a great actress and has a goofy personality that will keep you entertained. I’ve only seen her play comedy role so far.
    3) Kristen Stewart- love her from twilight
    4) Jennifer Lawrence- She was awesome in Hunger Games
    5) Amandla Stenberg- She was great in Hunger Games also
    6) Melissa McCarthy- I love to watch any movie with her in it. No matter what she plays in she makes me laugh. She is a great lady with a great personality.
    7) Channing Tatum- I love any movie with him in it.
    8) Seth Rogan- He is so hilarious. All his movies are great. I would like to work with him one day also
    9) Lauren London- She a beautiful lady and I love movies and shows she play in
    10) Taraji P Henson- She is a strong actress and has played every type of genre of movies. She is great.

  107. The actor that is on your list that I agree with the most is Robin Williams. The reason being he had amazing performances throughout his career and was amazing at his job, he was a hilarious actor (in the good way) and it was what he was best at.

    1. Leonardo DiCaprio — He is one of the best and most dedicated actors. Proving his dedication in The Revenant and bringing his best to every role.
    2. Kate Winslet
    3. Patrick Wilson
    5. Ellen Pompeo — Ellen is one of the best actresses I have seen. With her performance in Grey's Anatomy she brings so much emotion on screen she really makes you feel with the character.
    4. Patrick Dempsey — The same as Ellen, he brings so much emotion and puts his all into a character.
    6. Liam Neeson — Liam is an amazing action actor, I really enjoyed his Taken movie series.
    7. Shailene Woodley
    8. Norman Reedus
    9. Cameron Boyce — Although he is a very young actor, he has such potential. His performance in Descendants and his TV shows prove that he isn't afraid to really put his all into a role.
    10. Stefanie Scott