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"Empty Space" monologue for male or female written by Shiela Larson

Here is a good monologue to show range as an actor:

                        EMPTY SPACE
                        by Shiela Larson

         (Person gasps as if they just woken up from a deep in a panic)

                         (Breathing heavy) Where am I?

          (Alex looks around)

          (Alex begins to calm down after seeing some people around)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Hey, what is going on?

          (No response)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Last thing I remember is feeling
                    the worst pain in the world...

          (Alex looks around looking confused)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Wait, where am I?  This isn't the

          (Alex approaches someone)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Hey can you help me?  Where am I?

          (No response)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Why isn't anyone listening?

          (Alex waves his/her hand)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Wait...  Can you even see me?

          (Alex thinks, then his/her face drops and looks shocked)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Did I die?  I don't remember

                    I don't feel any pain.  I don't
                    feel anything...

          (Alex sees him/herself covered under a sheet)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Hey!  Don't put me under a sheet!
                    I'm not dead!  Look at me!

          (Alex struggles to take the sheet off but can't)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Please someone...  I don't want to

          (Starts to cry)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    I have so much more to do!  This
                    has to be a mistake!

          (Comes to a realization)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    After the accident, everyone said I
                    would be okay.  The doctor, the
                    nurses, they promised...

          (Begins getting angry)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    You filthy LIARS!  WHY DID YOU LIE
                    TO ME?

          (Alex watches them wheel him/her away)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Oh my God... I really am dead.

          (Alex sees his/her mother)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Oh mom... Don't cry.  There was
                    nothing you could have done.
                    Please, I hate to see you cry like

          (Alex tries to console his/her mom)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    I promise I will try to watch over
                    you everyday, make sure you don't
                    do anything stupid.

          (Lets out a small chuckle)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Like when I found your curling iron
                    on right next to the drapes... lucky
                    I found it. It was gonna catch on
                    fire pretty quick.

                    To be honest I'm surprised I'm the
                    one who is dead!

          (Laughs some more, then starts to sniffle)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Mom, I'm scared.  I miss you.  I
                    don't know what to do from here on.

          (Alex starts looking frantically)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Where did you go?  Mom?  I can't
                    see anything... what is happening
                    to me?

          (Alex looks scared then a peace comes over him/her)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Oh... Are you calling me?

          (Alex starts to smile)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    You really want me?  After
                    everything I have done?  Do I
                    deserve it?

          (Looks shy and unsure)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    Could you hold my hand?

          (Alex tears up and smiles)

                              ALEX (CONT.)
                    I guess I won't be so lonely after

          (Alex takes someone's hand and walks away)

                     END OF MONOLOGUE

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