Saturday, March 12, 2016

"Living in the Car" short romantic comedy for 2 actors (1 male 1 female)

“LIVING IN THE CAR” by D. M. Larson

Short romantic comedy for 2 actors (1 male 1 female)

(DONNA and SHANE are going through their mail)

DONNA - Bill, Bill... 

SHANE - Credit card offer!

DONNA - And someone wanting money....

SHANE - How much will you give them? 

DONNA - What makes you think I will give them anything?

SHANE - Look how sad they are?

DONNA - Fine - I will give them some money - I'd rather give the homeless and hungry people money then pay those big corporations - I hate being a slave to bills - paycheck comes and the bills all gather anxiously for handouts - suits pounding at my door - demanding handouts - I feel like I work for them instead of us.

SHANE - What if we stopped paying them?

DONNA - Why would we do that?

SHANE - What would happen? 

DONNA - They shut off the power, the water - then they take the house. 

SHANE - Okay.

DONNA - Then they take the cars.

SHANE - They can have your car - I'm keeping mine - I like it.

DONNA - Okay, so we live in your car.

SHANE - It's a nice car - that wouldn't be so bad would it - we could cuddle in the back seat at night - and steam up the windows.

DONNA - That sounds nice. 

SHANE - So throw away the bills.

(SHANE takes the bills and tosses them. DONNA laughs)

DONNA - Hey!

SHANE - But you can still give to this charity - they could end up being our neighbors when we lose our home and I want to be a good neighbor.

DONNA - You make life so much simpler.

SHANE - I'm awesome like that - tell me more things you like about me.

DONNA - Let’s go try out the back seat of your car and I'll show you what I like.

SHANE - Oh my goonie gracious.


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