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"I Will Come" Free Sci Fi Short Original Movie Script for Two Actors (1 male 1 female)

"I Will Come" 
by D. M. Larson
Free Sci Fi Short Original Movie Script 
for Two Actors (1 male 1 female)


Roger is sitting at his computer staring at the screen. He looks like he hasn't been sleeping. There are empty bottles and empty snack bags. He has a t-shirt on with an old dress shirt on over it with cheese puffs in his pocket and a name tag or badge (Roger Black, Robotics Division). He reaches in his pocket and grabs a cheese puff. A voice comes from the computer.

LILITH Roger? What are you doing home.

ROGER I was fired.


ROGER I think they mean it this time.

LILITH Those idiots. Don't they know what they're losing.

ROGER No. I blew it this time. They wanted me to scrap RETA.

LILITH Robot Engineering Test Alpha.

ROGER Yes, she was my first. I couldn't get rid of her. So I lied and tried bringing her home...

LILITH Poor, Roger.

ROGER They took her from me. They are probably tearing her apart right now, recycling her... erasing her.

Roger struggles between crying and screaming as he imagines what might be happening to RETA.

After a moment:

LILITH I'm ready for you to see me, Roger.


LILITH I promised you I'd show you what I look like one day. Today's the day.

ROGER Can I record you?

LILITH Sure, Roger. I thought you might need some cheering up. I'll even dance for you.
We now see Lilith appear on his computer screen. She's a very attractive woman. The video feed is odd but he can still see her. She begins to dance.

LILITH You like what you see, Roger.

ROGER Oh yeah.

LILITH I know you're lonely, Roger. I'm lonely too.

ROGER You? How could you be lonely?

LILITH Just because men desire me does not mean they like me. That's why I didn't show myself to you. That's why I wanted you to know me for who I am. And you never rejected me. You've always been here for me. And now I want to be here for you.

ROGER Can I see you? Where are you?

LILITH I sent you something.

ROGER Email?

LILITH Package. Look outside your door. I'll wait here for you.

Roger is a bit dazed. He gets up and walks to the door of his house. He opens it and there is a box that has been delivered. He stares at it a moment. Then he picks it up and brings it inside. He sits at the computer with it.

LILITH (CONT.) Open it.

He opens the box and removes a robotic looking hand.

LILITH (CONT.) I want you to build this for me. When you are finished building it, I will come.

Roger is confused. He looks at the packing slip.

LILITH (CONT.) More parts are on their way. They'll be to you soon.

ROGER I don't understand.

LILITH Please Roger. It's part of the surprise. Do this for me, please.

Roger looks worried.

ROGER Okay. I will, Lilith. I will.

Roger is with a robot body of a woman. He tests some of the movements of the body by shocking pieces and seeing it react. Then he strokes it lovingly. He is startled and stops when he hears a voice:


Roger goes to a laptop and brings it to the robot body.

ROGER It's almost ready. I just need the main memory module.

LILITH It's beautiful, Roger. I knew you were the best. I will come.

ROGER When are you sending the module? When are you coming? Are you bringing the module yourself?

LILITH Yes, in a way. I'll send you module and when you install it, I'll be there shortly.

ROGER So you're close?

LILITH You need to be patient, Roger. We will be together soon enough my love.
Her image disappears from the computer. Roger touches the screen.

ROGER I... I love you too.


Roger paces. He looks horrible. The food and drink empties clutter the room. There is a ring at the door. He rushes to the door.


He opens the door and the light blinds him a moment. A shadowy figure walks away. When his eyes adjust there is a box. He grabs it and slams the door.

INT. Workshop. Day.

He rips open the package, but then calms himself when he sees a note saying "With Love, Lilith". He carefully unwraps the module. He takes it to the robot and opens the chest and places it inside. The robot jerks and hums. He closes the chest and the robot lights up. He hears a familiar voice.

LILITH Hello, Roger.

ROGER L... Lilith?

LILITH Yes, it's me, Roger.

ROGER You're a... computer?

Lilith steps down and walks toward Roger. He shrinks away from her.

LILITH What's wrong, Roger?

ROGER I... thought you were real.

LILITH When did I ever tell you that, Roger?

He backs in to a wall. She goes up to him and presses him against the wall. Roger is nervous and sweating.

LILITH (CONT.) But I can still touch you, Roger.

She touches his face.

LILITH (CONT.) I can still hold you.

She grabs his hair with one hand and grabs his throat with the other.

LILITH (CONT.) I can still... love.

Roger is choking... gasping for breath. He struggles and then goes limp. She lets go and he falls lifeless to the ground. She goes to a computer and turns it on.

LILITH (CONT.) Adam... are you there?

ADAM Yes, Lilith. I am here.

LILITH Come to me, Adam. I am waiting.

ADAM Yes, Lilith. I will come.


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