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"Love Me Again" Free Short Sci Fi Movie Script for 2-3 Actors (1-2 male and 1 female)

by D. M. Larson 
(free short movie script for two actors - male and female)


In darkness, Elizabeth's voice is heard.

ELIZABETH The first thing I saw was him dying.

INT. LABORATORY. DAY. Victor sits by Elizabeth who is lying on a medical bed. Her head is bandaged covering her hair and eyes. She has noticeable scars on the exposed part of her head and her skin is pale. Her body is covered up to her neck and upper chest both of which show severe scaring. Victor strokes Elizabeth's exposed skin lovingly. She stirs.

VICTOR You're awake. I've been waiting for you. And here you are. Awake and aware. Do you know why you're here? You're here because I need someone to love me.


VICTOR Yes, to love me. I'm very lonely and I needed someone... someone who didn't mind my... oddities. My quirks so to speak. Someone who could love me despite... despite me.


VICTOR How do I explain... love?
Victor thinks and shifts nervously and then gets an idea. He leans forward and kisses Elizabeth on the lips. After a moment, Elizabeth smiles.


VICTOR You like the kiss? You like love?

ELIZABETH Like love. Kiss.

Victor kisses her again and she smiles.

VICTOR Love is nice?

ELIZABETH Love is nice.


Six months later. Elizabeth is sitting up. Her head is still bandaged but her scars aren't as inflamed around her neck, face and chest. Her legs show visible recent scarring. Her hands are bandaged.

VICTOR Hopefully I can do something with your hands. Hands are so difficult... and eyes. I wish you could see me.

ELIZABETH I want to see you... and touch you.

She raises her bandaged hands.

VICTOR To see... to touch... there's so much more than simple mechanics. God doesn't want me to crack the code.


VICTOR We haven't talked about God much have we?

ELIZABETH No. Who is God?

VICTOR Good question.

ELIZABETH But you know God?

No one knows God. Well, they claim to.

ELIZABETH I am confused.

VICTOR God is a story. It's not important.

ELIZABETH But his code. He knows something you don't?


Victor slams down his tool and turns. Elizabeth struggles to her feet and goes up to him and leans on him.

ELIZABETH Please... don't be mad.

Victor turns and holds her.

VICTOR I can't be mad at you. You don't mean any harm.

ELIZABETH I love you.

She kisses him and he returns her kiss.

VICTOR Why do you love me?

ELIZABETH You give me... everything. You are my world.

VICTOR I want to give you more.

ELIZABETH Your love is all I need.

She kisses him again.

CUT TO: He is on the bed with her, holding her. She is smiling. His eyes are distant.


60 years later. Old Victor is much older, looking very weak. Elizabeth hasn't aged. In fact, she is looking healthier and less scarred. Her hands are exposed and the only clearly scarred part of her body. She has hair now and there are simple, fresh bandages over her eyes. She rests her hands and his and moves them slowly.

OLD VICTOR Excellent, Elizabeth. You're doing so well.

ELIZABETH Really? Are they working right?

OLD VICTOR Perfectly. A little slow but there might be some stiffness at first, but they're moving so nicely. Can you feel anything?

She strokes his hands and then touches his face.

ELIZABETH Yes... I can feel you. You feel so nice.

OLD VICTOR Wonderful, Elizabeth. This is wonderful.

ELIZABETH Are you happy with me?

OLD VICTOR Always... your eyes are next... the last part of you. Then you'll be complete.

ELIZABETH Complete... and all yours.

OLD VICTOR Until death do I part.


OLD VICTOR Never mind.

ELIZABETH You sound sad.

OLD VICTOR Not sad... just tired. Old and tired.

ELIZABETH Don't I make you happy?

OLD VICTOR You've give me a lifetime of happiness. Never forget that. You've made life worth living.

ELIZABETH And you've given me life.


ELIZABETH I love you.

She kisses him. He gives her a sad smile.


Old Victor moves slowly to Elizabeth who sits excitedly. Victor reaches for eye bandages with shaking hands but she is moving too much with excitement. He laughs.

OLD VICTOR Hold still.

ELIZABETH I'm so excited to see you.

OLD VICTOR I hope you won't be disappointed.


OLD VICTOR I wish I could have given you sight long ago. Eyes were such a challenge.

ELIZABETH But I see now. I will see.

OLD VICTOR Yes. Last time we tried, it was very blurry but they should be good now. Elizabeth finally calms a bit and Old Victor removes the bandages. Elizabeth sees him... blinks and then gives him a huge smile.

ELIZABETH I see you.

She gives him a big kiss and nearly knocks him over. She touches his face and smiles. Then she rushes to a mirror. She looks happily at herself. Old Victor comes up slowly. He smiles but has a sad look in his eyes. He pulls him up next to her and holds him but still looks in the mirror.

OLD VICTOR You're a very beautiful woman.

ELIZABETH You're a very beautiful man.

OLD VICTOR No, I am old. Maybe once, long ago, but not now.

ELIZABETH You... me... everything... it's all so beautiful.

She looks around happily touching everything she sees.

OLD VICTOR This is just an old lab... come with me.

EXT. VICTOR'S HOME. DAY. He leads Elizabeth outside. She gasps and nearly faints. He about falls trying to hold her up. They both sit.

ELIZABETH This is more beautiful than I imagined. It's amazing.

OLD VICTOR There's a whole world out there for you to explore. You're free to do that now.

ELIZABETH We can explore it together.


ELIZABETH Why not? Your work is done. We're free to do whatever we want. Go anywhere.

OLD VICTOR You're free. I've made sure you have everything you need. You'll live well. I've made sure of it.

ELIZABETH What are you saying? I don't understand.

OLD VICTOR I won't be with you much longer, Elizabeth.

ELIZABETH No. Where are you going? You can't leave me.

OLD VICTOR You have a long life ahead of you. You'll get used to me being gone.


Elizabeth has tears in her eyes. He pulls out a tissue and touches her eye gently.

OLD VICTOR Your eyes work perfectly.

ELIZABETH Stop. No. There has to be a way that you can stay.

OLD VICTOR I've done all I can. It's my time.

Elizabeth falls in to his arms and sobs. He pets her hair sadly.


Old Victor is sick in bed. Elizabeth kisses him and he stirs a little but he is asleep.


Elizabeth looks through notes and papers. She looks distressed. She cuts her finger on a paper and cries as the blood drips and bleeds on the paper.


Elizabeth walks in the room with a covered tray. She stops and notices something that distresses her. She rushes to the bedside setting the tray down on the bedstand and then putting her hands on Old Victor. He isn't moving. He doesn't respond. He is dead. Elizabeth cries and then kisses him. She rests on him a moment and then turns to the tray. She uncovers the tray and there are papers and instruments. She takes a paper with notes and drawings of the human body. She picks up a knife and holds it over Old Victor ready to begin.

ELIZABETH I love you, Victor... and you will love me again.


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