Saturday, November 12, 2016

"Revolting" monologue - writing new script - post your feedback

I'm writing a new monologue and I would love your input. Check it out and give your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks!

“REVOLTING” by D. M. Larson

Copyright (c) 2016

All Rights Reserved

(A storefront has broken windows and is spray painted with some current political phrase or message. Store owner cleaning up mess and talking to some protesters who are passed out drunk on the ground)

I can’t believe you people. You come and mess up my shop every time you decide you want to have a protest party.  Yes, party!  That’s what I call it.  Because I think you’re all just playing around.  What are you really accomplishing anyway?  You’re just out here to have fun and make a mess.

Put your energy into something that really matters. Feed the homeless, build them homes, help troubled kids, volunteer for something… plant a tree! You’re just tearing us all down when you do this. Instead of complaining all the time, get out there and actually do something.  Faith without works is dead, my friends.

(finds a political sign of a current losing candidate)

Where were you all when your candidate was losing?  I bet you didn’t even get around to voting.  Why weren’t you all out there holding rallies to try and get people excited about this person.


I know… it is hard to get excited about any politicians. But you don’t have to do this instead. You don’t have to ruin everything I’ve worked hard for.

(gets angry)

Work! That’s what I do. Maybe you should try it sometime.

You’re just looking for an excuse to whine and destroy things. You think it’s fun to spray paint my walls and break my windows.  Why can’t you build up our country instead of always tearing it down?

You’re creating this problem. The more you break and ruin, the more you make us want to vote for the other person. You push us away. You’re revolting. And not in the protest way… in the ugly way. So revolting that I can’t even look at you. And it makes me turn away from the ugliness you support. Because that’s what you do. You make things ugly. You ruin everything you touch.

If you want to change things… do something… talk is cheap… and if only you would talk… you have to destroy things too. Instead of painting nasty messages on my wall, go paint an old widow’s house or mow her lawn. You have a grandma or grandpa? You visited them lately? Maybe you should spend some time talking to them and learning from them. Maybe they have something smart to say to take the place of all those dumb thoughts in your head.

That’s it… that’s all I’m going to say. You’re not listening anyway.

(finds something broken from his store that he likes)

At least stop of busting up my store!  

(breaks the object from his store)

Hmmm… that felt good…

(breaks something else)

...that is kind of fun…

And helps get out some of the anger and tension…

Fine… okay… we all need to let off some steam…

But please… try helping instead of hurting… I’m getting too old for this.



from the book
"Me in Pieces"
ISBN-13: 978-1981312054

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