Monday, February 20, 2017

Create a play or film with no props, set, or support - Guest Blogger Sean Morgan

It can be easy to delay producing a play or film due to a lack of resources and support. You may want to wait until you have a budget for costumes, a makeup person, assistants, and more. But what if you could create something right now? What if you could hone your craft as a director and actor and get valuable experience in producing a play or film? Any great director will tell you that it’s not a costume or a set that makes great art. Perhaps you are creating artificial barriers to getting the experience you need to improve.

Create a challenge for yourself. Create as many plays or short films as possible in the next month. Submit to contests like the one at that are free to enter. Use plays like the ones available at that may not require anything more than a few actors. You may consider the craigslist creative gig section of your city to find other actors and collaborators. Take all of your creations and share them with your community, friends, and family. Post your results on social media and vimeo/youtube. You’ll be improving your skills exponentially in the art of directing, acting, marketing, and resourcefulness. As Dustin Hoffman says in this great clip about passion for acting..don’t wait for a job. Play now.

Written by Sean Morgan- playwright of two easy to produce ten minute plays available for free at

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