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"The Mermaid's Kiss" dramatic monologue by D. M. Larson

"The Mermaid's Kiss"

monologue by D. M. Larson

I'm alive because of her.

She found me there... floating, waiting to die. I struggled to stay above the water. The storm was driving me down into the depths of the sea, screaming for me to go, pounding me with tears of darkness. I fought for a piece of the ship that had been torn apart, but the pieces ripped at me in the wind. A chunk struck my skull and I sank below into my silent tomb.

Before me were swirls of red... was it my blood? Was it fire? Nay, it was the hair of a woman, so bright and crimson... unnaturally iridescent in the dark waters of the sea. I reached, hoping for help, and her hand appeared and touched my own, surprisingly warm in the frigid waters. Her face appeared from the flaming locks, sharing a comforting smile... kind eyes dancing through the water. She pulled me close and held me. I went limp in her arms, wondering if an angel had come to take me to heaven. My eyes blurred and faded, life leaving my lips, but then I felt her soft lips touch mine and through her mouth, her breath filled me with warmth and life. She pulled me through the waters, continuing her breathy kiss, filling me with her kindness. I never wanted this to end. I could have stayed with her like that forever. I'd gladly let myself be cradled for an eternity in those arms, wrapped in those fiery strands, feeling her lips breathe into me again and again.

I let my soul go... expecting darkness, but then there was light. Then solid ground. I felt one last breath and then she slipped away.

Horror gripped me and my eyes shot open, struggling with the light. I tried to scream but water filled my mouth and I lurched and coughed instead. My hands felt the hot sand around me and my eyes saw blurs of land and trees. I wanted to find the water. I wanted to find her. I wanted that hair... those lips... to be held again.

But she was gone.


"The Mermaid's Kiss" dramatic monologue acting actor solo script
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