Friday, April 5, 2013

Be a director! (and a producer)

I directed and produced my first play at 16 and haven't stopped since.  Someone asked for steps for the whole theatre directing/producing process:

Q: "When producing a play from page to stage, what are the necessary steps a director/producer must take in the production process?"

1. Select the script
2. Read the script
3. Create a schedule (casting, practices, performance dates)
4. Find a location for practices and performing (might be two different locations depending on costs)
5. Casting call for actors
6. Select scenes for auditions
7. Auditions
8. Cast actors
9. Meet with actors and read through script
10. Practice play (create a schedule that doesn't require all actors to be there all the time - work in a lot of time with the main actors)
11. Promote play performance(s) and keep promoting until the performance dates
12. Arrange for costumes, props, build set (I'd recommend you find people to do all these things for you if possible but check in on them as often as possible)
13. Dress rehearsals (have costumes, props, set, etc. and be in the performance location - invite friends, family and press/reporters for the final dress rehearsal)
14. Performances (invite more press/reporters if they all didn't make it to dress rehearsal; invite theatre reviewer if there is one in your town; give actors at least two free tickets for friends/family depending on how big your theatre venue is)
15. Opening night celebration after the performance
16. Closing night celebration after the performance (Cast Party)


  1. All are really on point and great for those who want to be a director/producer.

    Great Job!!