Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Play - Blinded by the Knight

My latest play is a light comedy about a nerdy guy who finds love in a comic book store.   Sometimes it's just fun to write something goofy.

Lots of other new scripts too!

I have another new one I wrote too that will be available soon.   That one I wrote as a challenge... I do free writes sometimes.   This time I didn't plan anything and just wrote what came to mind.  I opened up the news, picked a couple news stories and let the story form from what I saw in the news.   It turned out very well actually.  Stay tuned for that script.

"Blinded by the Knight" A short comedy play about a nervous nerd looking for love in a comic book store (for 2-4 males and 2-4 females = 6 total or 5 with doubling)

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