Sunday, April 7, 2013

College helpful for writers?

I thought this was an interesting question:

Question: I think college is a waste and I wanna start with my career right after high school. I'm in 7 grade. I wanna write for tv shows on FOX or Comedy Central and other big channels. Do I NEED college?

My answer: College is a good way to make connections to the industry. If you go to a college in New York or Los Angeles then you can start meeting people that can help you get jobs later as well as do internships that can lead to jobs. Plus a degree will help you later in life in case you don't get that dream job. If you have family in the industry, then maybe you could get a job in the industry, but if you don't, college is a good way to get started. I need to update my writing tips page. are a lot of people seeking advice on writing for both stage and screen.

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