Tuesday, May 7, 2013

New Cast of Freedrama.net Radio Show

I am developing a new project. The Freedrama.net radio show. Actors auditioned with these scripts at: http://www.freedrama.net/small1.html

Here are the results of the first casting call for actors:

Congratulations to the cast of our first program coming this summer.

“On Holy Ground” (an hour long drama)
Starring :
Lindsay Zana as Molly
Selena Darlim as Delia
Justin McKenzie as Art
Mark Putnam as Jude
Benjamin Liberman as Turk
Jamee Perkins as Bea

The Best of Freedrama Monologues
Beauty and Perfection starring Sonya Howard
Cassandra starring Jamee Perkins
Cassandra starring Lindsay Zana
Dear God starring Selena Darlim
Dear God starring William Bryant
Flowers from Phil starring Benjamin Liberman
Hope starring Erin Beinard
Hidden in the Night starring Breanna Borello
Humpty Dumpty Hard Boiled Detective starring Mark Putnam
Master starring Thoren Moran
Midnight of the Soul starring JoyceDavis
Monologue from Another World starring Justin McKenzie
Pearls of Wisdom starring Cat Lookabaugh

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