Sunday, July 14, 2013

6 actor free play scripts

Here are free no royalty scripts for six actors.

Short one act plays with exactly six speaking roles:

"Superhero Support Group"

"Chile Pepper Chicks"

"Nobody Famous" 4 w 2 m or 5 w 1 m or version 2 - 6 w

"The Boy Who Cried Genie" A short play about a guy who wishes he didn't get wishes. 1-2 males, 4-5 females.

"El Rancho Cheapo"

"Blinded by the Knight" A short comedy play about a nervous nerd looking for love in a comic book store (for 2-4 males and 2-4 females = 6 total)

"Love at the International Fusion Cafe" short comedy play for four to six actors - "Original PG-13 Version" or "Adapted PG Version"

Full length plays with 6 actors:
"Midnight of the Soul" Full Length Drama - 4 w 2 m

"Holy Ground" a full length religious horror musical for six actors (3 m 3 f) about an evil that consumes the world leaving on a few survivors who hope for protection from the holy ground of a church.

"Operation Redneck" Full Length Comedy - 3 w 3 m

Short skits with flexible casts that work for six actors:
"Fart-Zen" - very short play for three or more actors (any gender)

"Rock, Sword, Firecracker!" Short comedy about the legend behind the game of Rock, Scissors, Paper. 3+ actors (any gender)

"Touched by an Alien" Short comedy about space explorers that discover a new kind of alien. 5 actors of any gender (plus possible non-speaking roles).

"Stung" A short comedy about someone who wants to be one with nature but nature doesn't like her. (4 speaking parts with possible extras)

"Hipster Hobos" Short sketch comedy skit about being too cool is too annoying. 1 m 1 w 4+ Hipsters (6+ total)

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