Saturday, March 8, 2014

"Funny Little Fussy Face" monologue for female from play "Reception" (emotions from sexy, flirty to pouty)

"Funny Little Fussy Face" is a monologue for a female from the play "Reception" by D. M. Larson

Before using this monologue, contact for permission.


You're so cute when you get mad. You get this funny little fussy face.

(She mocks his mad look)

I started liking you a few years ago.

There was this one meeting we were both at. You had just been promoted and you got up in front of everyone and did this big speech. And every time you looked at me, your eyes stopped on me a moment longer than everyone else. And you'd stumble on your words a little. Maybe it was that low cut shirt I was wearing that day?

Or maybe it was that really short skirt of mine and I was sitting like this.

(She does a sexy sit, crossing her legs in a flirty way)

You're Stuttering. Too cute.

(She suddenly changes her attitude and grows cold, unhappy that she didn't turn him on)

It's not important.

Look... I didn't think it would work out. So I didn't say anything.

Never mind. Forget I Said anything okay?

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