Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Helping Teens Young Adults and Youth with Monologues (teaching about emotions, body language and expressions - teaching, counseling, social work)

I had someone request plays today for teaching young adults (teens, youth) about emotions. What a great idea! Using a monologue gives students a chance to explore different emotions safely and can bridge to their own emotions. This could be an excellent tool for working with troubled kids who have trouble expressing themselves.

For example, give them a monologue like "The Not So Perfect Child" by D. M. Larson.

This monologue has a child dealing with being angry at her mother and older sister. The teacher / leader could have students try to show the right emotions for the monologue (anger, sadness, etc.) and then try to show the right body language for the character.

"No Witnesses" is another good monologue with someone who is hiding a secret.

And some good monologues that deal with relationships with boys and girls:

"Before You Punch Me"
"Breaking Heart"

And some good monologues that deal with feelings of appearances:

"Perfectly Ugly"

"Piggy Princess"

Finally, some other good monologues to deal with other emotions about family:

"Beauty and Perfection"

"First Words"

"Mess Things Up"

"Sob Story"

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