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"Much Madness" free dramatic monologue from published play (sadness, panic, insanity, lonely, angry)

"Much Madness" is a free dramatic monologue from a published play by the same name and deals with emotions such as sadness, insanity, panic, lonely and anger.

You must ask for permission before using this play in a performance or publication by contacting (please include the title in your request).


I want to be alone - I can't be around other people -

(Pause. Looks up, afraid)

I get really scared - I almost feel like I can't breathe -

(Panics a little)

I just need to be alone, Doctor -


You don't really care - you're simply doing your job - once I'm "better" you'll be through with me - then it's on to another person -

(Gives a mean look)

You're just like everyone else -

(Speaking viciously)

- you probably haven't cared about anyone in years - that would be unprofessional - and a burden you don't need for yourself -

(She pauses. Calms a little)

Please, just let me go - I know what I need better than you -

(Angry again)

You're not God, you know - you don't have the powers to cure everything - I know what you can and can't do -


Go on - get out now!

(Long pause and silence. Cries)

No one really cares, do they -

(Struggles to talk through her tears)

You think you can help me - change me -


People should only fix what's broken -


I said I don't want to talk anymore! Leave me alone! I don't have to tell you anything! I'm not a little kid.

(Bends over and buries her face in her hands. Cries for a bit and then is much calmer)

There's so much you don't know -

(She looks up at the sky)

- if only I could fly -

(her eyes look in wonder)

I'm leaving all the Earthly matters to you - I belong near a different sun -

(Points to a star)

I wish I were a star - part of some constellation so I would never be lonely.

- it's so free out there - no one can touch you or hurt you - you can simply shine -


People don't like it when you shine - that's why stars are up there and not down here - humans think the brightness is offensive -

(Pause - looks and smiles at the stars)

My mother is a star now -

She always seemed like one to me - but stars don't like it very well where they can't be stars anymore - so they fade away - never shining again -

(Pause - grows sad)

I want to be a star - stars having meaning - stars I understand -


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