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"Magic Camp" great summer camp play script for kids and teens



D. M. Larson


Copyright © 2007 All Rights Reserved


(All of the characters can be of either gender with the except of MOON and MARK)

ZANE (or ZANA) He is one of the kids who goes to Magic Camp. He has the ability to sense the future.

ZONE Leader of Magic Camp, wears fantastic circus ringmaster type clothing, mentor of ZANE.

TRISTAN (or TRISTANA) Kid going to Magic Camp. His powers are unknown.

MOON (f) She is a kid going to Magic Camp. She has mysterious powers that are untamed.

BRIGIT (or BRIDGER) Kid going to Magic Camp. She is a singer who is good with animals and plants.

KURT (or KIRA) Kid going to Magic Camp with wolf like qualities and powers.

JOEY (or JOANNA) Nerdy kid at Kurtís school.

BILLY (or BETH) Bully at Kurtís school.

BOB (or BOBBI) Bully #2 at Kurtís school.

MARK (m) - A handsome young man that was turned into a monster. He has the power of charisma/charm. NOTE: A second actor of similar size and build can play the monster version of MARK so the transformation from monster back to human is more dramatic.

JAG Woman with jaguar qualities and look. Mentor of KURT.

RUNT Mentor of BRIGIT He is a small man, who looks like a little boy but has a grey beard. He is close to the Earth and can make things grow.

SOL He wears bright colors, skin shines, mentor of TRISTAN. He has the power of happiness that he can give to others.

SPIRIT She wears flowing clothing, sparkles, skin sparkles. She is the mentor of MOON. She has ghost-like powers.

KING He is handsome, dressed in black goth-like clothing and makeup, has snake-like speech and qualities.

MING She is beautiful, dressed in black goth-like clothing and makeup, has cat-like speech and qualities.

ROGER Father of Mark.

ANNA Mother of Mark.


NOTE: the staging of this play is extremely difficult. There are several scene changes that require a large crew to move the sets in and out. Sets should be as simple as possible to allow for quick changes.

ACT 1 SCENE 1 Kids in living rooms, video of ZONE (or ZONE standing on a platform speaking)

ACT 1 SCENE 2 KURTís school lunchroom (already on set behind screen or ZONEís platform)

ACT 1 SCENE 3 Actors set up camp as part of scene (tents and fireplace). Crew can be dressed in black and clear lunch tables. The character of SPIRIT can have little spirits (the crew) that help with set changes. The UC backdrop can be of a really spooky trail.

ACT 1 SCENE 4 L is the entrance to the cave. This can be in place before the play begins as long as it remains out of sight and unlit until this point in the play.

ACT 2 SCENE 1 Camp again

ACT 2 SCENE 2 Stage R where there is a ritual stone. Perhaps something like a Stonehenge arch. This can be in place from the start of the play or start of ACT 2.

ACT 2 SCENE 3 Camp again

ACT 2 SCENE 4 Ritual stone R.

ACT 2 SCENE 5 Camp again


(Lights come up on a kid, ZANE, R who puts a video in a player and sits, hits play on a remote and starts watching a tv. A video is projected onto a large screen C with an odd looking man, ZONE, and cheesy text saying Magic Camp. [note: if a screen and projection is not possible, have ZONE appear on a small platform center with a sign saying ìMagic Camp.])


Welcome to... Magic Camp.

(Cheesy magical effect on video. Other kids appear UR, UL and L. These are TRISTAN, MOON and BRIGIT)

ZONE (cont.)

If you're watching this video, you have been specially selected for a summer pass to... Magic Camp.


Yeah, right. Everyone kid in town probably got one of these.

ZONE (cont.)

Actually, only five children have been selected for this honor.

(ZANE looks around nervously because it's like ZONE is hearing him)


Children? I'm no child.


Children was a poor choice of words... how about young adults?

(MOON is freaked out now too)


Our counselors have identified each of you because of your unique abilities.


What special abilities?


Well, some of you may not know yet what these abilities are, but we can see the potential in you.

(Lights go off on kids. ZONE points to someone in the audience then his video fades and screen rises)


(A school lunchroom appears [already on set behind screen or behind where ZONE was standing] with a table C and another table UC. JOEY sits at the C table. Heís a nerdy little kid who looks around nervously. KURT sits at a table behind him with his back to the audience eating hungrily. JAG is in shadows watching them. BILLY and BOB go up to JOEY)


Hey, Joey.


How's lunch?

(BOB dumps lunch into JOEY's lunch)


Ooops. Looks like you lost your lunch.

(BILLY and BOB laugh. JOEY speaks quietly)


Please leave me alone.


What's that? What he say?


Don't know. I don't speak Loser!

(BILLY and BOB laugh again. KURT rises from his table but doesn't turn. He speaks in a low growl)


He said to leave him alone.


Hey, Joey. Looks like the new kid wants to join your loser club.


That means a trip to the loser whirlpool.



(BILLY grabs KURT by the arm and BOB goes for the other but KURT grabs them and lifts them up [note: have BILLY and BOB stand on table bench that hopefully can be hidden from audience view]. KURT has wild hair, almost like he has ears and he's got some shadow on his face like he already shaves and his eyes appear yellow [this would involve tinted contacts - only do this with professional consultation so eye damage doesn't occur])


Don't touch me.

(BILLY and BOB scream like little girls. KURT drops them down, he howls and they run)


You okay?




Just howl if you need me again.

JOEY Too bad this is the last day of school. With you, we'd rule this place.

KURT Maybe next year then.



(JOEY picks up his lunch and exits with new found confidence and lets out a little howl. KURT smiles and takes one last big bite of his lunch. JAG enters. She's dressed so you can hardly see her and she hangs by the shadows)


I like your style kid.


Who are you?


Have you ever heard of Magic Camp?


I got some stupid video in the mail about it.


But you didn't watch all of it.


I didn't have to. I know those videos. They get you all excited and then they flash some price you can't afford.


The camp is free.


Free? Yeah, right. Nothing is free.


This is. I already talked to your parents. Theyíre old friends. They said you could go.


Is this some camp for troubled kids? My parents have tried that before and you ain't got the cure for my troubles. They all act like they understand but they don't. Nobody knows what I'm going through.

(JAG steps into the light and removes her hood. We can see she looks like a jaguar [face painted and hair streaked with jaguar colors])


I do.

(KURT is stunned into silence. Lights fade to black. Everyone starts setting up tents and campfire is setup DC)

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