Sunday, March 16, 2014

Suggestion for "No Witnesses" (turning a monologue in to a duologue)

Here is an excellent suggestion for adapting a monologue to a duologue for two actors.

Thank you to Rick Scheffert for the suggestion!

"I would like to share what I did with "No Witnesses." Instead of using it as a monologue I split it up between two people. It was really quite effective. I got comments from audience members about it.

On stage the two characters were unaware of the other person. It went as follows.

Actor 1: I saw it... This terrible thing.

Actor 2: It happened to this girl I don't even like. And no one knows who did it...

Both: Except me. (Pause) Do I tell?

Actor 1: It's between what is right and what will ruin your life.

Actor 2: I don't even like her...

Actor 1: She brings it on herself.

Actor 2: Why does she have to be so... Weird?

Actor 1: And if I tell... Everyone will turn against me...

Actor 2: I will be like her... An outcast...

Both: Invisible.

Actor 1: Is that how it happens... One little thing you do turns you in to a leper?

Both: Social leprosy.

Actor 2: The right thing feels so wrong.

Actor 1: I know I'm supposed to tell the truth but the truth will not set me free.

Actor 2: The truth will ruin me...

Actor 1: Keeping quiet will ruin her...

Actor 1: And I don't know if I care.

Actor 2: And I don't know if I care. (actor 2 needs to be careful not to sound like they are agreeing with actor 1 as they are supposed to be unaware of each other)

Actor 2: I guess that's what happened to all those guys who stood up for what was right...

Actor 1: Gandhi shot, Martin Luther King shot, Jesus crucified...

Both: I'm no Jesus.

Actor 2: I wonder if she could ever forgive me?

Actor 1: She can get over it right?

Both: (not quite in unison) Forgive me... I don't want to be crucified.


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