Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter improv theatre games for fun activity on this holiday

Easter Improv

Here are some fun improv theatre games you can play on Easter with your drama / acting friends and family.

Pass the Egg: All people get in a circle and pretend like they are passing an Easter egg. Each time the egg goes around the circle it changes and gets bigger, smaller, heavier, lighter, stinkier, etc.

Bunny Mirror Exercise: Pair up people. One person acts like the Easter Bunny and the other person must copy all their moves. Then they switch places.

Shrinking Easter Egg: Everyone pretends they are inside a giant Easter egg, but then the leader says the egg gets smaller and everyone must pantomime showing the egg getting smaller. The leader makes it smaller and smaller until no one can move.

Lines from our Pockets: The audience will write lines that people hunting for eggs might say. Someone will collect the lines and not show them to the actors. The actors put the papers in their pockets without looking at them. The actors will act out the scene and then they must take a paper from their pocket after saying a few made up lines and add the line in their pocket at the end of what they are saying. The scene is a group of kids on an Easter egg hunt.

Here comes Paul/Paula Cottontail. Peter is sick and the other rabbits are trying to train Paul/Paula Cottontail to do Easter bunny duties. But each time Cottontail is offstage, they say a problem he/she has and then Cottontail must come on stage and act in the way they say. Then each time Cottontail leaves, they give a new problem and each time Cottontail returns, the problems all combine for a big problem. The game ends when Cottontail goes off to deliver eggs or gets fired.

Stunt Doubles: 2 Actors are acting a scene such as making Easter baskets. When it comes time to do a "dangerous" step (such as putting candy in the basket) they call in their stunt doubles.

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