Monday, April 21, 2014

Princess from Another Planet free comedy scifi play script for 4 or more actors

The newest free play script on the Freedrama website is:

Princess from Another Planet

Comedy play for 4-5 actors plus possible extras by D. M. Larson


PRINCESS - space alien princess from another planet with a necklace that gives her powers

SCIENTIST - Peter is a brilliant inventor who creates a translation machine to understand the alien princess.

LILA - Girlfriend of Peter who does not want to see him go with the Princess to her planet.

SOLDIER - Nervous soldier who tries to do his duty. This part can be divided up between multiple actors if desired.

GENERAL - This character is off stage (although can be on stage if desired) - It can be double with Lila or pre-recorded or played by another actor.

Read the play now at

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