Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Free of the Evil" dramatic male solo stage script - Art's monologue from play Holy Ground

This monologue is adapted from the published play "Holy Ground" by D. M. Larson



We all have in our own ways to survive. That's why we're all still free. Free of the evil that consumed the others.  Free of the swarm.

We've spent so much time hiding in churches and gathering supplies... Always running... With the those creatures always finding us... Never being able to settle in one place for long... 

We just wanted to be in one place long enough to feel normal again... Alone in our own little world... Turn the nightmare in to a dream, find some calm in the storm, a moment of peace... even for a short time... But everywhere we went went, it was always the same.  They would find us.

This is the first time something different has happened.  This is new.  We've never found so many others like us... and never had so many of them after us.

It's time to take a stand ... If it's the end, may it be the end of evil... The end of those creatures ... And the beginning of a new life for us all.



From the play "Holy Ground" ISBN-13: 978-1502875990

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"Free of the Evil" dramatic male solo stage script - Art's monologue from play Holy Ground

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