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"I WAS NEVER IMPORTANT" female solo stage script - Molly's monologue from play Holy Ground

This monologue is adapted from the play "Holy Ground" by D. M. Larson 

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(MOLLY has discovered that she has a special power that will help the other people who have taken refuge in a church during an apocalyptic event. She has never been a leader or a hero and is upset about having this new responsibility)

I wish I knew what that was all about...  What does this all have to do with me?  I never was important before.  I never was special. I'm not the most religious person.  I was in the church choir because I loved to sing.  I didn't really do much else.  I've lived a good enough life but nothing unique... nothing miraculous.  I don't know what to do.  I have no direction. How can I do something important when I don't even feel important. 

(She begins to feel anger and frustration)

I didn't chose this mission... I didn't ask God to make me a vessel or some tool.  I didn't chose this, God. I didn't ask for this. 

(Her anger turns to sadness.  She feels weak and tired)

I'm not strong enough.  I'll fail. 

(She is quiet a moment and is fighting back the tears. Suddenly she realizes that she can help someone very important to her.  This realization gives her new strength)

But if there is some way to help Turk... If I have the power to do that. I want to save him.

(The memories of the horrible evil they have been fighting come back to her and scare her)

He protected me... but he knew something was different... something was very wrong.  We tried to keep away from others... we didn't want anyone else to get hurt.  But he was injured... and I had to find help.

(She fights back her fear and focuses on saving Turk, the person she loves.  Strength and conviction are in her voice now.  She has overpowered her sadness and fear)

I have to do something... I can't stand by and let this happen to him... It was so horrible what happened to the others... I can't watch that happen to him too. I have to fight back.



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"I WAS NEVER IMPORTANT" female solo stage script - Molly's monologue from play Holy Ground

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