Wednesday, October 15, 2014

"Hungry for Death" male solo stage script - Turk's monologue from play Holy Ground

This monologue is adapted from the published play "Holy Ground" by D. M. Larson 


They are hungry for death.  And not the kind of death we normally think of but a walking death where they rip our souls from us.  But they couldn't take mine... not without you. You are my anchor, the anchor that held me to this world... There is a bond between us that protected my soul.

That made them so angry.  They didn't think anything was that strong.  They wanted you so badly.  But not just because of the bond... something more is inside you. Something they feared.  A purity.  A simple purity, uncorrupted by the world.  

I never could get too far from you. Even when the creatures found shelter in the darkness, I couldn't stay away.  Even though the sun burned me like the fires of Hell, I needed to be close to you.  No matter what evil they were saying... no matter what messages were in my head... somehow I couldn't be apart from you.  Our souls are connected... they couldn't break that bond.

I have to protect you now. They are after you now. They want the power inside you. I can hear them chanting over and over again... 

She is the one.  She is the reason.  She is the beginning and the end.  Alpha and Omega.  Yin and Yang.  She will bring balance.


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"Hungry for Death" male solo stage script - Turk's monologue from play Holy Ground

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