Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Angry Bird Improv (free theatre game for actors, workshop, classroom)

Angry Bird Improv

Some actors are angry birds and others are pigs.  They arrange themselves on stage. They can use card board boxes or chairs as barriers. The pigs snort and mock the birds (birds and pigs have to speak in gibberish) Have other actors or audience members translate for the birds and pigs.  Give the actors a topic to work with.

Possible Topic: Why do the pigs and birds hate each other?

To end the scene (best right after a funny moment), the angry birds launch themselves at the pigs. The last pig can make it challenging by either building up the barrier or making a run for it.

Variation 1: Add different movie styles (i.e. Star Wars Angry Birds)

Variation 2: Audience calls out the bird's special power before they launch and actor must find a way to show this power.

If you try this game, please post in the comments below how it went and if you made any changes or tried in other variations.  Thanks!


For more free improv theatre games, go to http://www.freedrama.net/improv.html

Angry Bird Improv (free theatre game for actors, workshop, classroom)

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